Hard To Get

Emma goes to Chaz's birthday party and runs into Justin Bieber. Justin starts to actually fall for Emma while she doesn't feel the same? What happens? Will they be together or will they end up hating each other or will they just be friends?


1. Suspicious Stare

Emma's POV:

Alarm clock goes off 

" Ugh. morning. people. " I moaned yanking the covers off me, slowly getting out of bed.

I drag myself across the room to look at my phone. It's 9:30 a.m.

" Good thing it's a Saturday.." I mutter to myself. I unlock my phone to see that I have one message from Chaz. it says ' Come hang out at my place at 10 a.m. I'm having a pool party.' 

I think to myself that I at least have something to do today besides sleeping all day like I usually do. I go take a short shower and change into my bikini. I put on my sunglasses, cover up, flip flops and head out the door. I call my friend Rachel to come pick me up. (she's invited too) 


I wait for her outside and I see her pull up in her car. I quickly hop in and thank her for picking me up. 

" you look so pretty Em!" Rachel says. 

" Thank you! so do you!" I reply. 

Rachel is really pretty. she has blonde hair, she's tan, blue eyes and has a few freckles. She's really nice, funny and bubbly. 


We then pull up at Chaz's house. I've never been here before and it's really big and nice. I'm probably going to get lost in here. luckily Rachel has been here before so she knows where to go. we make our way to the pool and talk to some people. out the corner of my eye I see this guy staring at me. I get a quick glance at him through the corner of my eye to see who he is. I don't recognize him. I go to Rachel and ask her who he is. 

" him? " Rachel asks.

i nod. 

" Oh that's Justin Bieber, he doesn't go to our school though. Oh here he comes!" 



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