Hard To Get

Emma goes to Chaz's birthday party and runs into Justin Bieber. Justin starts to actually fall for Emma while she doesn't feel the same? What happens? Will they be together or will they end up hating each other or will they just be friends?


2. Just Met

Justin's POV: 

Dang that girl is hot. I've never seen her before. I need to stop staring, I think I'm creeping her out. Oh gosh. She saw me staring. Maybe I'll just look away... Maybe she's into me, she keeps talking to her friend and looking over at me. Maybe I should go over and talk to her. I'm walking over and the girl has a look of confusion on her face. Should I do this? I will. 


-End of Justin's POV-


Emmas POV:

Oh crap oh crap he's walking over here. He is so cute. He just smiled and winked at me... I think I'm dead, I just melted. 

" Hey babe." Justin smiled at me 

" Um, don't call me that. I don't even know you." I said rudely 

" Right, I'm Justin. What's your name?" He said holding his hand out

" I'm Emma" I said shaking his hand. 

Oh lord. His hands are warm and soft. Chill Emmma. You don't like him. But he's so cute. 

" SHUT UP EMMA!" I accidentally yelled

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their head to me. This is the first time I hate attention on me. 

" what?" Justin asks 

"um. nothing. I didn't say anything." I quickly replied nervously 

" I heard you say 'SHUT UP RACHEL!' but okay whatever." 


 He then asked me to go swimming with him. I said sure. Should I have said that? I don't know I feel like something weird is going to happen... or he's going to pull something on me. I can't trust him yet. we just met. 


I walked infront of him while he walked behind me. I then felt someone's hand grab my butt. I put my hand on their hand to pull it away and they intertwined our fingers together. I immediately let go and turned around 




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