Hard To Get

Emma goes to Chaz's birthday party and runs into Justin Bieber. Justin starts to actually fall for Emma while she doesn't feel the same? What happens? Will they be together or will they end up hating each other or will they just be friends?


3. Fall

I quickly turned around to see who it was... It was Justin! 

"What are you doing?!" I asked 

"Don't worry baby..." he seductively whispered in my ear. 

I tensed up and my heart started to beat rapidly. He noticed and just smirked. I pushed him off and walked away. I could hear footsteps behind me, and someone calling my name. I didn't turn back knowing that it was probably Justin. Then I felt someone snake their arms around my waist tightly. I tried to get out their grip but they were too strong. They cupped their hand over my mouth. I squirmed around trying to get loose. I heard someone slightly chuckle. Then they let go. I had a look of horror on my face when I turned around and backed up slowly.


I saw Justin about to fall over laughing. I had tears in my eyes because I was so scared. 

"Justinnn!" I groaned and pushed him in the pool.

Unfortunately, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in with him. We both started to laugh. Then I noticed he stopped. I looked up at him and he was smiling at me. I smiled back and we stared into each others eyes. We were inches away. He looked at my lips. He leaned in and I got closer. Our lips were about a centimeter away when I stopped him. He looked confused. 

"I'm sorry Justin but I barely know you.." I said looking down. 

He scratched the back of his neck looking embarrassed. 

" oh, yeah, sorry " he said looking sad. 

" are you okay?" I asked 

"yeah, I'm fine." 

I hugged him and he put his arms around me tightly not wanting to let go. 

"um... Justin.." I tapped him 

"please, I want to hug you longer." he pouted 

"sorry Justin but this is kinda awkward..." I said chuckling 






"yes, wait, justinnnnn! I hate you" I said laughing 

"you said yes, we have to hug now" he said winking

"I only said yes cause you tricked me so no Justin" 

"please Emma.." he gave me puppy dog eyes. 

ugh why does he do this to me. no one can say no to the puppy dog eyes. 

"fine" I said while thinking "but close your eyes" I finished 

"are you going to kiss me?" he asked with his eyes lit up 

"no just close your eyes" 

He came closer in the hug so, I grabbed some guy and pushed him infront of me so that Justin hugged him and not me. I watched them too hug while I was laughing. The other guy had a confused look and was trying to get out his grip, that's what made me laugh harder. Justin then looked confused and opened his eye. He looked horrified and looked around for me. He spotted me and narrowed his eyes at me. He looked angry. He stormed towards me. I stopped laughing immediately and tried to hide.  

"EMMA!" he yelled 

"EMMA I KNOW YOU'RE OVER HERE! EMMA!" he yelled again. 


i got really scared and ran through Chaz's house finding a spot to hide. his house is big so there are 


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