Rose -A short Story-

Rose Compton is an innocent eight year old girl, dying from cancer. After a year of numerous treatments and pleas to recovery they've declared her battle with cancer lost and she should expect for her time to pass to come soon.

This is a short story I had to write for school. The assignment was to write between 500-1500 words on a scene of a child's death and to make it fairly light hearted and not gory.


1. Rose <3

Eloquent beams of sunlight tumbled down onto Rose's auburn locks 
that were bouncing down her back as she made her way through the woodland.
The clement autumn daze made a comforting warmth enclose over her soft and pale
childlike cheeks. Her chubby fingers clasped tightly around the
mahogany box in her dainty hands that she held leveñ with her chest.
The sunlit sky made the shiny coating of coral painted neatly onto her stubby fingernails glint in the
light. Her mother had shakily painted them this morning, it was the first
time she had worn nail polish. And she liked the idea of changing the colour of her features, and she was
content with how her appearance was for her passing.

The birds in the treetops above tweeted their harmonious melodies. They floated in the balmy
air as they carolled into Rose's ears. She smiled at the tranquil
lyric less music that was so softly enveloping the wispy branches that were painting themselves in simple brushtrokes
against the blank and fresh canvas of the early October day. 
She soon found herself humming softly in tune to the bird's chirping. She felt a slight urge
to utter a few lyrics into the air, to merge it into the dulcet tune 
but she refrained. She didn't want to puncture the igneous day, even though her voice was most beautiful 
for one of an eight year old sh knew that some things were better left
untampered with. Which was why her footsteps were carefuñ as they cautiosly made their way through
the bed of leaves beneath them. The fiery reds and oranges were crisp
underneath her feet, but their appearance was innocent and calming, they reminded her of the bright and abstract
paintings of her brother's room.

Her brother was one of the reasons that she knew that her time was right. His had come a while ago, although he had
no idea. Rose didn't know a lot about it, her mother was keen to protect her daughter's sinless ears from the
tragic truths of her sibiling's death. He had endured a few years more of the both
beautiful and cruel principal of like before the fatal accident last year than her.
And she respected that not everything was fit for the ears of a child.

But she knew that death must be if it was going to happen to her. She knew she had deserved her 
purpose in this life, and that it was time for her to move onto the next.
She wasn't sure what her purpose was in life yet, her mind was slightly fogged. It was clouded with
the tears her mother was still shedding, and the remorseful looks of pity she got when she passed neighbours in the street.
She didn't understand why everyone was so upset over the news of her time coming to pass.
"She's so young". People would say in  their whimpers between their sobs. Yes, Rose knew she was young
But she also knew that God had perfectly written plans for everyone. And she respected every single
syllable of every single neatly written and trimmed chapter of her life. And she knew that over time, in her next life, the clouds
would clear and her purpose would be clear. She was going to do her best to fulfil it. She knew she would. Rose tried
her best in everything, and she was always the kindest to everyone, even if people doesn't deserve it.
Because in Rose's eyes, everyone did.

As she neared the clearing she felt her heartbeat become less frequent. A slight fuzziness took over her mind for a few seconds,
but it wasshort-lived and this feeling was no stranger to her over the past year of her battle with cancer- She was content with
the fact that her time here was done, and she was neither happy nor wistful that it was predicted to be over by tomorrow.

As she reached the clearing she felt the fuzziness blur her vision for a few seconds. But like snap of the fingers
it was gone again and Rose smiled. As she inhaled another sweet breath of the virginal air she felt her heart flutter at
tranquil feeling of breathing.  Although she knew she wouldn't be able to envelope herself into this exersice many more times she found
just a few times enough. After all, nobody was greedy got anything out of life.

Rose didn't deserve to die. She was an innocent child of eight years old. But Rose didn't mind. In her opinion, everyone deserved nothing.
There was no classification in what should and shouldn't happen in the state of being fair and everyone was equal.
As she knelt down onto the comforer of leaves she felt a strange waver of nausea wash over her but this was as well, short lived and
she ignored it, glad that it felt a lot better than the pain and sickness she had experienced in the past year.

HEr tiy fingertips worked the lid of the sleek mahogany box and it lifted with ease displaying the paper. The thin and fraying sheet was laden 
with her childish font that perfectly carved the words and letters that made up her wills and wishes to whom she was leaving behind this world.
Carefully she lifted the paper from the box that she had written when she first got the news of her ilness. Rose placed it underneath the box leaving
it sandwiched neatly between the ground and the base of the box.
Next, her stubby fingers clasped around the hem of her wig and she lifted it away from her naked scalp. Her mother had insisted on the faux
head of hair, but Rose didn't want it. She believed that whatever happened to her was supossed to and thet she, and everyone else were beautiful no matter what
their state of appearance and health. But nonetheless she complied with her mother's wiishes
not wanting to upset her in the time she had left. But now, she was placing it inside of the box and closing the lid. She could feel by the feeling that was
cloaking over her slim figure that her time was coming. It was almost to the faint climax and she was ready. She had been for a while.

She lay down and closed her eyes her child grame lying innocently in the clearing of the woodland. Her tiny heartbeats began to slow
and a cold sweat broke out over her body buy she was smiling nonetheless as her body slowly began to shut down. In her last moment she slipped her fingers in between 
each other and rested them on the pit of her stomach as she felt her whole body relax. And as her brain turned blank, her heartbeat faded out to hall, a feeling of completion took over.
The birds all gatered to witness, their calls silent as they watched in wistfulness. But Rose knew this was right. She had served her purpose and spent her last 
few minutes in ecstasy. And that was all she ever wanted.

THE END<3 xx.


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