Our generation

Harry and Bethany have had their run of things and are finally starting a life. Their daughter Darcy and son Spencer are now 8 and Harry is still out and about. Home on occasions but right now is busy trying to keep up with the changing world. It's hard being apart of a famous family and the whole family is missing Harry.


1. Kids

Bethany's P.O.V

"Mummy I miss daddy!" Darcy shouted pulling on me as I threw laundry into the washer. 

"Please Darc go play with Spencer." I said and she looked at me and nodded then ran away screaming for her brother. "Why did you leave me?" I said as I started the washer. I grabbed the basket and set it on my hip and began to walk up the stairs.

"MUMMY!!!!" Darcy shouted I dropped the basket on the stairs and ran back downstairs and outside and saw Darcy screaming tears streaming down her face as she pointed at Spencer unconscious on the ground.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." I said as tears started brimming my eyes. I ran and knelt next to Spencer and looked at him all over, his wrist looked a bit swollen. "Darcy I need you to go get the phone and call the emergency number remember okay?" she nodded and then ran inside the house, "Damn it Harry I told you we should get rid of this damn trampoline." I cursed as I carefully picked up Spencer and laid him in my lap. I didn't bother moving him anymore than that just in case it would hurt him more. I put two fingers up to his neck to find his pulse and thank god it was still there.

"Mummy they want to talk to you!" Darcy shouted running out and handing me the phone.

I nodded and took the phone from her "Thank you sweet heart. Do you mind getting a boo boo bear for brother?" I asked and she nodded running back into the house. I gave them our address and then they told me to stay on the phone until paramedics arrived.

About 15 minutes later we were being rushed to a hospital and now Darcy was sitting on my lap in the hospital waiting room. "Is Spency gonna be alright mummy?" Darcy asked as she reached for another magazine with Harry on it.

"Yea he will be alright trust me baby." I said and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"When is daddy going to be home?" Darcy was flipping through the pages of a magazine looking at pictures of her father.

"He is at a concert right now baby in America so not for a few more months. I'm sorry." she looked at me.

"Do you miss Daddy?" I giggled and ran my fingers through her brown waves...she didn't exactly have the curls like her brother and her dad but more beach waves like me. "Mummy?" Darcy asked I laughed and hugged her.

"Yes of course I love your daddy." she giggled and kissed my cheek.

"Love you mummy." she hopped off of my lap and ran to the building blocks in the corner. I called Harry and left him an urgent voicemail telling him to call and I texted him a few times and the other boys too but this shit is hard dealing with it all alone. What is he going to do jump on a plane for 12 hours and then get her and stay for 2 then leave again...no he can't. It's just hard watching them grown up and the only way Harry get's to see it is through video diarys and Skype. It sucks. "Mum come play!" she shouted and waved her hand.

I stood up and started to walk over to Darcy but a doctor came through the doors "Are you Mrs. Styles? Spencer's mum?" I nodded my head and went and picked up Darcy and put her on my hip. He led us down a hallway telling me things but all I got was we did surgery on his wrist and he said he fell off the trampoline and then it went black. I honestly didn't care as long as he was alright.

I put Darcy down and she ran into the room, "SPENCER!" she screamed I smiled and followed her to the side of his bed.

"He can go home tonight if he responds to the meds well." the doctor said I nodded and then turned back to Darcy who was now sitting on the end of his bed looking at his white cast.

"Does it glow Spenc?" she asked pointing at his cast.

"Yea and they gave me a special pen that is glow in the dark too!" he exclaimed. I went and rubbed his forehead smiling at him "Sorry mummy for scaring you." I hugged him and then my phone went off "Is that daddy? Can I talk to him mum please?" the kids begged I put my fingers up to my lips and answered the phone. 

"You had me fucking worried sick babe. All you said in the message is that it was urgent Spencer fell off the trampoline." Harry yelled, I could just seem him now pacing around the room hot and sweaty from the concert and stress, running his fingers through his hair...god I miss him. 

"Calm down Harry, it's all okay now he fell of the trampoline landed on his wrist and broke it...the only scary part was the fact that he was unconscious." I paused and walked into the corner of the room away from the kids "But Harry you sound incredibly sexy when you're worried." I heard a chuckle come from his side of the line and then he sighed.

"I miss you so much when are you guys coming out?" he asked me taking a breath.

"Harry can I skype you later about this" 

"What why?"

"Because it's a surprise sweetheart" I said as Darcy looked at me and I knew that little sneak was listening to me.

"What's going on your voice just got a lot higher."

"Little cupcake is listening Babe."

"Oh I'll call you later...love you beautiful." Harry said.

"DADDY! MUM LET ME TALK TO DAD!" Darcy shouted. I laughed and handed the phone to Darcy. "Daddy I miss you so much!" she shouted.

"Darcy baby shh." I said rubbing her back and sitting on the end of the bed. She hoped off the bed and started pacing around the room...more skipping. It is the best sight at how happy Harry makes his kids. They barely see him though and usually a phone call or video chat is all they get.

"So how is my little trooper?" I asked ruffling Spencer's hair.

"I'm good mum just a bit sore and tired but alright." he was always acting so strong for us girls even though he is only 8. "I really miss Dad" he said looking at his sister prance around the room as she talked to her father.

"Me too Spencer." I said and hugged him.

"Do we ever get to see Dad?"

I shrugged "He get's home in 3 months then guess who's birthday it is?!" I said and smiled at him. 

"MINE!" Spencer exclaimed I nodded and hugged him.

"It is isn't it and how old are you going to be?" he smiled and then hugged me.

"9!" I laughed and then ruffled his curls again. "Mum stop." he said swatting my hands. 

"Hey don't talk to your mother like that! I can do whatever I want to you." I said tickling him.

"Daddy says to not give mummy a hard time Spencer." Darcy said and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hey Darcy. Come apologize." I said and stared at her.

"Mum come on it was a joke." she complained.

"I don't care Darcy, that's still impolite and not lady like." I said.

She stomped her way over to me and glared at me "I'm sorry Spencer." she reluctantly said.

"It's okay Darcy, mum and I were just playing around anyways." She smiled and then glared at me again. 

"What did mommy do?" I asked and shrugged.

"Mummy is annoying." Darcy complained. "MISSY WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" I heard Harry yell through the phone.

"Ohhh you're in for it now cupcake." I said and smiled poking her, she hated when daddy was mad with her even though Harry has never actually been mad at her he just doesn't like when the kids disrespect either of us and especially me.

"Wait Daddy I didn't mean it I was just angry please forgive me." she said into the phone I smiled and picked her up into my lap. "Darcy please apologize to mum." Harry's voice was faint but hearable "Dad-" "Darcy baby come on." she looked up at me her blue eyes looking up at me all watery "Do you hate me mum?" she asked, I laughed and hugged her holding her close to me. 

"Baby no I love you. I love you both." I said pulling them both under my arms. "You're both my world...I could never and I mean never hate either of you. It just hurts mommy when you insult me."

Darcy looked at me and kissed my cheek "Sorry mum. It wont happen again." she said jumping off the bed and started prancing again.

"I don't think you're annoying mum." Spencer said smiling.

"Thank you. But I just think that Darcy misses her daddy a lot and sometimes she doesn't see how much she hurts people when she gets this way." Spencer nodded and then hugged me.

"I want to go home mum. I want daddy." I put his head into my chest and kissed the top of it.

"We all want Daddy."

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