born in the dark

Night was born in the dark and has lived her life that way, literally and figuratively. She is completely oblivious to her power. But then it it clicks one day she becomes so angry at the tyrant who rules her life, when he takes away the love of her life, that suddenly the whole country blacks out, and the king's most trusted adviser is suddenly struck down, along with all of the prison guards, and the electrically held prison doors swing open. And her boyfriend comes home, and she is tired of living in the dark so they start to explore her talents, and it all bubbles to the surface, along with its price.
For the hidden power competition.


2. Shattered Glass

"Is she alright?" someone says. I'm laying on a bunch of sharp objects.

"I think so, apart from several wounds from broken glass, and bruises from being punched and falling." I think that was Blackhole.

"Okay," the other person says in a worried tone, okay I pretty sure thats Eclipse.

I try to open my eyes "look she's opening her eyes," that is definitely Blackhole. I force  my eyelids to stay open.

"Where is she?" I ask with great difficulty.

"Where is he, you mean your boyfriend, they took him don't you remember?" Blackhole says.

"No I asked where is she, the girl who fought them." I ask the words are a little less painful, like as if I'm talking after a year of silence.

"Oh Darkmoon, shes fine aside from bruises and her hands cut to shreds, man are her hands a bloody mess!" Eclipse assures me.

I start to look around and realize when I fell through the elevated floor walls of glass, mixed with steel about two feet tall "Why am I still on the broken glass? And did she fall unconscious?" I ask, right now answers is all I want.

"you were pretty badly hurt, so we didn't want to move you, until you could move yourself. And she didn't faint that was probably the most painful thing for for her, watching the thing she almost died to stop, happen and to feel all of her wounds while they are most painful." Blackhole says.

"Can I stand up?" I ask.

"Lets see," Blackhole challenges. She grabs my hands so I don't cut them by putting support of the sharp glass and pulls me up. I wobble a bit, but then I find my balance. Someone is bandaging Darkmoon's hand.

"Night, you're okay," she says with genuine relief. "I was afraid, he crushed your windpipe,"

"I'm okay but I'm extremely angry," I say through clenched teeth.

"Hey your not the only one, you boyfriend was so mad he killed the one who punched you and kicked me, and Eclipse killed the one who tried to kill me." Darkmoon says.

"Well thats good," I say smiling. I grab a handful of glass and squeeze it in attempt to quell my sudden anger. From where we are (on top of a storm cloud we can see the whole county and one by one all the lights go out. I tilt my head in a questioning look. I flip my fist over and look, the ring it has changed, from the traditional plain stone to a silver dragon with the diamond for an eye the pearls now outline the dragons head and the sapphire has white coming out almost like fire from the dragons mouth " A star sapphire" I breath.  Star sapphires were rare and only royalty could own one. "Whatever" I think to myself, "I tired of them calling all the shots. I turn my hand over and open my fist, the quizzical look becomes stronger. Instead of an aching hand and bloody glass, there in a handful of refined glowing sand, and my hands are the opposite of hurt, they're completely healed. Suddenly out of the blue I'm so angry, I let the sand trickle out of my palm into the cloud but some hangs in midair I raise my eyebrow, I try to figure out what to do, so I cut in half, half of it goes into the cloud above, the other half forms itself into a beautiful bag and just hangs there, I pick it up and tie it to my belt. Out of the cloud spurts a blue lightning. I frown, confused then It heads towards the the castle I watched as it arcs towards the prison, I'm scared, Is it going to kill my boyfriend?

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