born in the dark

Night was born in the dark and has lived her life that way, literally and figuratively. She is completely oblivious to her power. But then it it clicks one day she becomes so angry at the tyrant who rules her life, when he takes away the love of her life, that suddenly the whole country blacks out, and the king's most trusted adviser is suddenly struck down, along with all of the prison guards, and the electrically held prison doors swing open. And her boyfriend comes home, and she is tired of living in the dark so they start to explore her talents, and it all bubbles to the surface, along with its price.
For the hidden power competition.


3. Prison break

I guess this what I get for thinking such scandalous thoughts. A branch of the lightning, branches up to a tower, were I suppose the king most trusted adviser is right now. My mind whirrs, as I realize he can't be in two places at once. And then I realize what is happening and I let a cruel smile to spread across my features. Then I feel it hit, I tumble back with the force. and the lightning shoots right back and hovers. I salute to it and point back at the castle this time I point left just as it enters the window. I feel it hit once more. This time I felt it hit dark elf flesh, felt sear the flesh, then it doubles triples and quadruples, and I know it hit the prison guards, and its late to stop the massacre and I faint. I wake up faintly groggy, then I remember what happened and I throw up. Darkmoon drags me up and takes me to the edge of the cloud and I empty my stomach. "You okay? I mean other than throwing up," she says

"No I just killed 24 people," I say disgusted with myself "And then felt horrible about, I mean as  a darkelf I'm not supposed to feel bad when I kill enemies."

"Maybe, but I think thats how our rulers are, and we are supposed to take after them. I think most of us feel like you, It means we have heart," she comforts me.

"You think so?" I ask feeling a little better.

"I  know so, its what makes us better than them," Blackhole  says. "Anyway if  you want to see your boyfriend you might want to check down below us at the lake. The wind blew us a long way, so after he escaped he followed us to the lake."

I look at her and drop my jaw and tip back off the cloud I flip once then just fall down on my back at the proper altitude I  turn around and let my bat wings unfold. About fifty feet above ground I turn up right and slow drastically. I walk to where I see him, on a rock of the shore of the lake I slip in silently and swim with strong stroke to where he is, when I get out I am soaked and my dress is mostly plastered to my skin I make enough noise (contrary to my nature) so that he won't be startled when come up. Once I'm on shore I run to him, we hug and I never want to let him go again. but he puts me down, 

"I'm tired of living in the dark" I tell him "We need to find out more about this power I have."

"Agreed we were born in the dark, but I'm tired of living in it," he says and I nod.

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