born in the dark

Night was born in the dark and has lived her life that way, literally and figuratively. She is completely oblivious to her power. But then it it clicks one day she becomes so angry at the tyrant who rules her life, when he takes away the love of her life, that suddenly the whole country blacks out, and the king's most trusted adviser is suddenly struck down, along with all of the prison guards, and the electrically held prison doors swing open. And her boyfriend comes home, and she is tired of living in the dark so they start to explore her talents, and it all bubbles to the surface, along with its price.
For the hidden power competition.


1. My True love, is truly taken

This is the happiest and best day of my life. I getting married, finally me and my boyfriend will be together, and nothing can separate us we will be in love forever. Right now I'm waiting as Eclipse finishes my hair, and Blackhole laces up my dress. I'm wearing a traditional black dress with half black cloak. Black steel serves as a decorative breastplate. My hair is wrapped around a smooth double crown inlaid with black pearls, and black stones. Black steel double sided arrows hold it together. I walk down the dark green carpet. When I get to the end my boyfriend is waiting, I walk up to him, and spin my skirt while bowing/curtseying to a curt half bow. This is hard but well practised move, and it goes without a hitch. As I come up my dress unwinds, he pulls out a ring. I have never seen something so beautiful, it is a dark blue sapphire with a tiny black diamond just off to the left of the center, circled by small, black pearls and every other black pearl there is a normal black stone. I look up into his eyes and we kiss, we have kissed before, but this is so passionate I kiss him with all my love for him. It feels like hours that we kissed, and I wish it was, but it lasts exactly 13 seconds. I'm left touched, that was the moment when we are supposed to find out if we are made for each other, or if we should call it off and go home. And I know we are made for each other. This is perfect,

"its true," I say to Landik, he nods.

"Its true, we are meant for one another, so ," he says, turning to me he finishes "I promise to love you, and if we ever must face the light I swear to protect you."

"I the same," I say, but even as I say it there is a shout and a child screams. 

"Castle guards, stand aside" they tell a desperate girl who is holding a sword in hopes to defend us, she shrinks back and sheaths the weapon "Good girl," they say to her in a mocking tone. Her face hardens she grabs a dagger from her belt and tries in a last ditch attempt to stab the guard, the knife bounces off his armor he spins around to look at her, she drops the knife into the sheath he raises his sword to spit her in half. 

she lifts her chin, "I rather expected that, killing defenceless people, is that what castle get paid to do these days oh I forgot, they've been doing that for a while," she puffs  out her chest, holds her chin high, spreads out her arms and closes her eyes. I scream to distract him. she quickly pulls out the strengthened arrows out of her hair, and the double glass crown falls to the ground and shatters reminding him of his intent. He spins around and swings the broad sword in a downward arc. At the last moment she crosses the arrows, her arms buckle under the force but once she brings the dangerous weapon to a stop barely inches from her head she heaves up with all her strength throwing him back into his fellow men they manage to catch him he groans, but not all of them are occupied one knees her in the stomach sending her flying a few feet. Her upper body hits the ground first and her legs still have momentum so she does a half back roll half back flip, she moans softly and lets go of the arrow her open palms are smeared with blood. Some skin has been peeled off entirely. Turning to me they say, "the king's most trusted adviser wants more slaves," turning to my boyfriend they say " you're one"

"No," I say leaping up "you can't have him."

"I beg to differ, ohh wait I'll leave the begging to you, I disagree he's coming with us" with that he punches me in the neck and unable to breath I fall to the floor, my check hits the glass. And all I see is a spider web pattern on the dark glass of the floor, and then white folds in around me.

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