A banished prince, old war general, girl raised in the wild and a battle mage set out to help a farmer rescue his lost daughter from a secret guild set at kidnapping illusionists.

This is just a rough draft of what I have written so far. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


1. Rain

                Splash. Great, what a wonderful morning to start on an important assignment for the king. Why did it have to be raining? Hadn't it rained enough yesterday? Where did all of this water come from in the first place? Just a couple of days ago the great god Aeschylus could be seen sleeping, spreading his light and heat to the world; not a cloud in the sky. Gil really was thrilled despite his current lack of enthusiasm. He had just been promoted from a stable boy to a royal messenger for the king. He was excited that he would finally be able to see the world, or at least more than the city that had held him prisoner, until now. More importantly now his family would have more money. Maybe now they would have enough money to eat twice a day, even mom and dad. Gil silently laughed as he pictured his dad getting fat eating a roll. Certainly two meals a day would make even the hardest worker, like his dad, fat. How could it not. The thoughts of his family cheered him up a bit, even with the downpour of water. Gil looked at his fellow travelers, they looked just as miserable as he had felt a few seconds ago, some even worse. There were a handful of soldiers that looked downright gloomy in their chainmail slugging through the mud. There was a man and his boy struggling through the mud. The man was missing a leg and was limping through the thick mud with a walking stick as a crutch. Behind him was his boy or at least Gil thought it was his son since they seemed to exchange a few words, but he couldn't be sure. He thought it very disrespectful that the boy was riding on a horse while his crippled dad was walking. That was just not right.

                Gil decided that for now there was nothing he could do to help the poor man and so he looked at his other traveling companions. There were two others on horses. They must be rich because they had two horses and a pack mule. It was an old man and a younger man and so Gil thought that maybe some rich lord or duke of the city decided to take his nephew on a little trip. He often dreamt about a rich and powerful uncle appearing in his life and taking him to see the world. Teaching Gil about politics and the like and then introducing him to some noble lady...  The nephew, or whoever he was, did not share the same dream. He looked absolutely pitiful, even more than the soldiers who had to trudge through the mud.  Nor did it look like he had ever missed a meal in his life. Maybe that is what you looked like if you had two meals a day. How could he be sad? Gil just didn't understand it, here this boy had everything and he still was depressed. Gil was sure that if their places ever switched, he would never be as miserable as that spoiled brat.

                The last two people in the group seemed to be the only ones who were not affected by the torrential downpour. It was a very fat man in his early thirties and a woman who was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. She had a dark complexion with even darker, long hair. She had some sort of bright red contraption above her that was meant to keep the water off of her, but nothing short of going in a well thatched house would stop the water from soaking every piece of flesh and clothing, exposed or not. Gil even thought that a wizard would not be able to plug the hole in the sky and stop the rain from falling.

                The water did not let up on its torture and made the going down right miserable. Finally as Aeschylus was beginning to wake and the light was beginning to fade, the fat man led the group off the path and towards the mountains. Gil was a little hesitant to leave the road, it meant safety. It was hard to get lost on the road; you would either end up in the thriving harbor of Pearl or the small little town of Milkstone. He almost did not follow the group into the unknown but being so close to The Darkness he thought it best to stay with these people. It was of course better to be lost then dead. Gil was soon glad that he followed the group, for the fat man lead them to some mines and gave the mountain people some slugs to let them stay the night in the dry mine. 

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