A banished prince, old war general, girl raised in the wild and a battle mage set out to help a farmer rescue his lost daughter from a secret guild set at kidnapping illusionists.

This is just a rough draft of what I have written so far. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


9. Magic

“Hey stupid, wait up! Molybdenum, wait up you fool” screamed Talc as the little group scampered after the mage. “I know you can hear me. Stop!”


The mage stopped in his tracks and without turning around said, “Stop? But I never stop. Time keeps going and so must I, for there is so much left undone. Too many spells need casting, too many people need saving and simply there are way, way too many cows that need tipping.”


“What? Why would you tip a cow?” asked the confused Thal.


“Why wouldn’t I tip a cow? That is the better question. Have you ever tipped a cow before?” questioned the mage with his back still turned to the approaching group.


“No, of course not. That would be stupid. The cow would just get up and chase you” replied Thal.


“Exactly!” said the mage, “That is what makes it sooo much fun.”


Thal was still confused and said, “What?” as the group finally caught up to the mage.


The mage turned and faced Thal and then pushed him over. Thal fell hard to the ground. “Ouch, what did I ever do to you?” asked Thal, laying on his back on the ground.


“Now get up and chase me, cow!” said the mage as he dashed away.


Talc grumbled, “Lybdem, stop and come back here. We don’t have time for your stupid games. We need your help.”


“My help? Talc is that you? You look old and, and old” said Lybdem as he dashed back to the group with a ball of fire in his hand. He held up the ball of flame and it cast its light on the group and Lybdem said, “Yes, I recognize my old friend behind all of those wrinkles.”


Thal got up and asked, “Talc, please tell me that we are not going to be traveling with this fool. We already have an annoying, deranged girl with us. I won’t be able to take it with the two of them.”


Sidi spoke up and said, “You Thal fool”


Lybdem moved his fire ball towards this new voice. He looked at Sidi and responded, “No, no he no fool”


Thal, surprised that now the mage was defending him said hesitantly, “Thank you Mage?”, Talc now I see why you like this guy.”


Lybdem continued, “I wasn’t finished. He no fool. Now you could say he is a pitiful waste of a fool. You see as I always say if you are going to insult someone you need to do it right. That includes using proper grammar.”


Sidi smiled and said, “Thal pitiful waste fool.”


Lybdem responded, “So close, repeat after me Thal is a pitiful waste of a fool.”


Sidi repeated, “Thal is pitiful waste of fool.”


“Almost, we will keep working on it.”


Thal gasped, “Great, Talc why do all of your “friends” have to be idiots?”


Lybdem looked over at Thal with a disappointment all over his face and said, “Is that the best you can come up with, calling us idiots? Ohh we have a long journey ahead of us and by the end I expect you to be able to come up with better insults than that.”


Thal could not believe what was going on. First he was forced to do the dishes and now this mage was insulting him, “So you are going to start correcting me as well as that piece of filth?”


“Me no filth, you pitiful filth” said Sidi with a wide grin.


Lybdem gave a small smile and said, “Getting better, still needs a little more work but at least you have promise. To answer your question Thal, no I won’t be correcting your lousy mistakes you call insults, but I’m sure even someone with your pea sized brain will be able to learn from all of the great ones that me and my new friend here will come up for you. By the way, cows are not only more of a challenge to tip over, but they are quite a bit faster than you are, even though you and a cow probably weigh the same. Or in short, simple terms that hopefully you can understand, I called you a fool, stupid, slow both physically and mentally, and last of all I called you fat.”


“Thal don’t give a blast to what Lybdem says, all he does is repeats himself throwing big words around. It helps him feel better about himself. He only has a few insults, you are stupid, you are fat and you are slow. If you listen, they are all the same” humphed Talc.


“Ahh friend, it’s been a while since we have seen each other and I have learned a thing or two since then. You would be surprised” grinned Lybdem. “For instance, I have learned a new insult for you to add to your list, you are old.”


“Yes” came a whisper, barely audible. It was not a strong whisper, but one of age, experience and regret. Talc looked at his old friend, letting the spunk and annoyance disappear from his face, leaving him looking tired and worn. “My friend, yes I am old. It is the most grievous of all insults. If I were but stupid, I could learn. If I were but fat, I could train my body to be lean. If I were but slow, I could practice both soul, and feet to be quick. Alas, I am all of these, but I am more; old. The greatest of all insults come with age. My mind fails me, but I can still recall all of my follies with perfect recollection. My body aches and refuses to receive strength. But you, who I never did envy, well now maybe your curse is not as bad as I had always thought.”


“Curse! He be curse?” said a wide eyed Sidi as she slowly started to back away from the mage.


“Ha!” said Lybdem, “my young friend has finally seen the great blessing that I have been blessed with. Although he has always been jealous of my dashing good looks and my mystical powers he has never said it. But finally he admits that he wishes he could be me!”


“You cursed or you no curse? Answer me!” shouted Sidi.


Lybdem looked over to the girl and said, “Me no cure. Me bless. Me have the powers of a god.”


“No talk to me like me stupid!” yelled Sidi as she took an angry step towards the mage, fire dancing in her eyes.


“Or what?” challenged Lybdem, “Would you fight a god?”


Sidi’s eyes went wild and she screamed, no like the loud shouts that were common when she talked. This scream was a declaration mixed with a plea that resonated throughout her entire soul, “YOU NO GOD!”


The grin was blasted off of Lybdem’s face. “I am sorry” he said, without the joyful playfulness that was so prevalent in his voice before, “I am not a god, but I can tap the power of a god.”


Granit saw Sidi shaking, but with so little light he could not tell if it was from terror or rage. Remembering what this girl was capable of, he decided to try to calm the tempest that was building it that little body of hers. He hobbled in between the girl and the mage and said, in his concerned, loving father voice, “Sidi, calm down. He is not a god. Just take a few deep breaths.”


She did not listen. She stormed past the one legged farmer and right up to the mage. Sticking her finger right in the face of the mage she demanded, “Tell me how. How you have power of God!?”


Thal said, “Certainty you have heard the tale of the Great Competition. Everyone knows it.”


Sidi gave him a death glare, “No. Him going to tell me right now” she said pushing her finger into the mages nose.


Lybdem took a step back. “Now, now, calm down.”


“Now!” said Sidi, leaving no room for discussion.


Lybdem, a battle mage clad in full armor, holding sword and shield with his god soundly asleep, cowered before the scrawny little girl before him and began the story of the beginning.


“Well it all began as the gods prepared to go to war, one with another. They conspired and plotted, forged alliances and broke truces, gossiped and argued. Finally, one day, the axe of war fell. As it fell, one god, the god Akakios to be exact, caught it and stopped the war of the gods. He proposed a different way to decide dominance and power and suggested the Great Competition. Now this competition was one of strength, will, power, skill, smarts and foresight. Akakios created a world and told each god that they would be able to create one continent on his world and populate it. They could grant a special ability to the continent as well as a special ability to their people. Once the gifts of power or ability were granted the gods had to sit back and watch. As the people developed and grew, they would win their gods points. In the end the god who had the most successful people would rule supreme among the gods. The gods agreed. “


“The gods disagreed as to what would make a successful people, some claimed that hardship created an unbreakable people while others claimed that prosperity bread prosperity. Aeschylus decided to test it out. He secretly created his own world, off on the edge of the god’s domain. Each night while the other gods slept, he watched his planet to see what conditions were ideal. He found that if the conditions were too harsh, the people did not thrive, but barely survived. On the other hand, if they were given everything, they became spoiled and weak. With this information, he created his continent on Akakios’ world. He gave his people the ability to create illusions and they thrived. The other gods become suspicious of Aeschylus’ success. One night Argia followed Aeschylus back to where he slept at the edge of the god’s domain. There she found the flat world that Aeschylus had created.  She ran back to the other gods and explained to them what Aeschylus had done. They were angry and began to destroy Aeschylus’ people on his continent on the world that Akakios had created.


Asechylus heard the plea of his people and woke. He rushed in and rescued as many of his people that he could. He dumped them here on Threa, his not so secret world. That night when the other gods were asleep, in retribution for the slaughter that they had caused his people, Aeschylus created yours truly, the mage. He worked a powerful magic that linked 24 men to the gods. These men had the power of the gods at their command. They live longer than normal men, gaining strength from their gods. But they are known for the power that they command, the power to create or destroy. “


“Well when the gods woke and realized what Asechylus had done, they were mad. Who knows why they just did not blast us to smithereens, but they didn’t. Instead they created wizards, nine actually. They drew their power from Asechylus and are much more powerful than us plain mages. There god is much closer you see. Now we can only draw on the power of the god we are linked too when that god is asleep, for when they are awake they are conscious enough to deny us their power. As it happens to be, Asechylus likes to be awake when all of the other gods are asleep, and asleep when the other gods are awake. This was not Asechylus only punishment, no. They prevent him from interacting with us, and have forced him to watch as we slowly tear each other apart. It is rumored that when he awakes, he is forced to come down here as an old, blind beggar, powerless to experience the cruelty of his own creations. When he sleeps, he sleeps in our sky, shinning for us to see and giving us heat by which we survive. “

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