A banished prince, old war general, girl raised in the wild and a battle mage set out to help a farmer rescue his lost daughter from a secret guild set at kidnapping illusionists.

This is just a rough draft of what I have written so far. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


3. Lightning

They awoke at dawn to continue their journey, or at least Gil thought it was dawn. Why did it have to be so dark in the mine? They weren’t that far from the entrance, were they? Ohh, because it was still dark outside. No doubt Aeschylus was asleep, but the thick, black sea overhead was on its third day in its attempt to drown humanity. At the moment it seemed more like a promise than a simple attempt. When Gil saw the road, he wished that the stable boy had given him a raft instead of a horse to travel the road that was much more like a canal. They trudged on.


They were getting close now, Gil was nervous. He had only heard stories of The Darkness and how it sucked the life out of people, literally.  The devastating attacks that even made whole caravans disappear were uncommon now, but roughly one in ten people got sick and if they did not get out of The Darkness quickly, they would become a lifeless corpse. Luckily for them, they would only pass through a small portion of The Darkness as they branched west to go to Pearl. Gil felt sad for those unfortunate travelers that had to head east. The road east passes through miles of The Darkness and once you get to the other side you have to pray that the ghost does not robe you blind. Well it looked like fortune was smiling upon them; the rain was finally starting to let up. Gil was beginning to think that Aeschylus was puni... Blinding white light from the sky struck Gil straight in the chest, just missing his heart, but it did not mater for Gil was dead. Gil saw white light surrounding him and could hear nothing but peace. He had made it. Years of honoring his elders and of trying to be a “good” boy had paid off. Ok so maybe not that good he thought as the light soon faded to darkness and Gil heard the screams of the doomed.


Granit saw the flash of bright, white light. He heard the thunder that followed. He reflexively brought up his spear, no wait it was his walking stick. Too late, without the support of his walking stick Granit toppled over in the mud. Whoosh, something just flew by his head and impaled the horse behind him. As the horse fell to the ground dead, Granit rose. His vision cleared and the buzzing in his ears stopped. Before him was a man dressed in all black. His entire head, face included was wrapped in a black cloth with only a break for two black eyes to stare out of. A companion similarly dressed crept towards him out of the woods. Before the man could pull his spear free from the dead horse, Granit slammed his staff hard into the man’s gut, sending him sprawling backwards and splashing into the thick mud. Granit yelled for help. The only answer that came was groans of men as they died. He risked a quick glance and saw that a man in black was quickly tearing through the surprised soldiers. The few remaining were drawing their weapons to oppose another man in black that was in their mists. Arac had disappeared. Talc and Thal were drawing swords to protect the Lady Amber from two more assailants. Gil was lying in the mud with an arrow in the chest. That only left his daughter. He saw her laying face up in the mud after being thrown from the horse. She did not stir. He wanted to run to her and check her vitals, but he forced himself to turn back to face the two assailants now approaching him. He took a defensive position between them and Iolite and just hoped that she was only unconscious.


Pain. Noise. Confusion. What was going on and what was that thumping in his ears? Wasn’t he dead? Why then did he feel the life flowing out from him? Gil slid his eyes open and rose to his wobbly feet. His chest hurt and felt slick. He wanted to look down and see the wound from which his life was seeping out, but the scene in front of him held his gaze. There were five men dressed in black attacking their group. All but four of the soldiers were sinking to a muddy grave. One of the soldiers had circled around their lonely opponent. He raised his sword to stab the man in the back but instead of delivering the deadly blow, he turned as if to face a new opponent that he had caught sight of out of the corner of his eye. Nobody was there. The distraction was all that the man in black needed. He whirled around and dropped the confused soldier with a slick black dagger. Gil’s eyes were then pulled to where Talc was fighting two of the black assassins. His first thought was that if four trained soldiers could not even handle one black bringer of death, how would Thal and Talc handle two of them? Thal and Amber just stood back as Talc relentlessly attacked the two ambushers. Gil was stunned. Talc hardly looked like the old man that had been grumbling at the campfire the previous evening. Old age and laziness had been replaced with youth and a nimble hand. Never had Gil seen such mastery of the sword displayed and it appeared that the two men in black had not either.  Gil then turned his gaze to where Granit was facing his two opponents. Once again he was stunned. Granit, the one legged farmer with nothing but his staff was holding back the two assailants. He skillfully jabbed, blocked and spun his staff as if it were a spear. The men attacking him spread out before him, one on his far left and the other on the far right. The one on his left jumped forward with a quick lunge with his sword. Granit hopped to the side bringing his staff down to smash in the exposed head of the man. The man was expecting some sort of counter attack and pulled back quickly as the staff missed his head by mere inches. The man on the right then went in for a jab. Granit turned just in time to block the blade that was heading towards his heart. The force of the attack was too much for his one leg and he fell in the mud. The man rushed up to where Granit was and raised his sword to deliver the final blow, but Granit swiped his feet out from under him and he landed next to Granit in the mud. Granit and the man grappled in the mud for a few seconds before Granit was able to find the dagger hidden in his belt and plant it in his opponent’s chest. In those few moments, the second assailant dashed around Granit and his companion in the mud. He scooped up Granit’s boy and took off into the woods, yelling, “Death to The Web”. A staff whizzed by the yelling man, just missing his head. His companions then slipped back into the woods where they came from and disappeared. 

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