The Five Types

*ONE DIRECTION IS NOT FAMOUS* Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson have always been special. They have never met. But one thing connects them. They are all descendents of Katchma Corisma, they long dead so called witch of 1209, master of elements: Fire, element of anger; Earth, element of power; Air, the element of peace; Water, the element of all emotions; Growth, the element of the way of life; and Light, the element of goodness.


1. Harry Gets Pulled In *Natorator's P.O.V.*

   "Harry... Harry! HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry sat up in his bed. He grabbed his head. This has been happening to him for days. Weeks even. Voices have been coming in his head, sometimes at school. But always when he was sleeping. Harry heard only 5 voices, and all in a repeating patterned . 4 of them all sounded the same, all guys voices, there was only a slight difference between all of them, except 1 of the boys voices had an Irish accent. And then there was a girls voice. This voice said the same thing, just like the others, but like I said, it was a girls voice. Harry thought this voice sounded alarmed though, unlike the others. The others sounded like they where trying to get his attention. Then he heard it again. Today's voice was the boys with the Irish accent. Harry started pulling his curly hair.

  "AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry screamed in pain. Then his emerald green eyes became wide. "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE PA-HAY-HAYN!!!!!!!!!" Harry started to scream so loud that he couldn't talk. Then something occurred to him. Where was his parents? Oh, wait. I have no parents. I have a parent, Harry thought. He was right. He only had 1. His mother. His father had died. But he also had a sister, Gemma Styles. But it did not really matter to him really. He just wanted to have someone be there to help him get rid of his pain.


  "HELP!!!!!!!!!" Harry shouted after he gathered every thing inside him to talk/scream once again. But still no one came. The pain soon became so unbearable the Harry  laid down on his back and shook.


  Then he closed his eyes, only to see that inside his eyes was a picture of a garden, a beautiful moss and emerald and forest green and any other green in this rain forest. There was draping vines with tall grass and bright neon flowers in it. It was perfect. It was just amazing to Harry. The image became stuck in his head, to stay.


  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH- ah.?." Harry was now confused. The pain had suddenly went away. He had hoped it would go away, but so suddenly? This was strange to Harry, but he was glad that that was over, all of the pain and everything. Then Harry sat up, stopped shaking, removed his hands from his head, and opened his eyes. He saw what he had seen in his head, the rain forest. Harry closed then opened his eyes a few times to see what he saw was real. Harry then looked at himself. He was not wearing his pajamas anymore, he was wearing his favorite outfit because it was loose and it was the most comfortable and stylish.  And then he found a rock in his right hand. It was sand colored, and huge. It also had a brown painting on it. It looked like a weird E or S. The top half looked like an E but the bottom half looked like a S' bottom half. 

  Maybe it is a fancy E, or maybe it is important, so it is trying to get my attention, or maybe it means something that I cannot see, Harry's head exploded in questions. Harry amazingly was then able to put the rock in one of his pockets. Then he got up out of the position he was in when he was in bed sitting up. Then he started walking around in the rain forestish garden. He also just found out he had a machete in his left hand.


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