Fallen In Love with a Mortal 1D fanfiction

I'm Emily I'm not your average girl I was before. One day I woke up with Golden eyes. I had all these supernatural abilities I couldn't understand. I could read minds,become invisible,speed,and shape shift. I really didn't understand why the day before I had transformed I could barley read my own thoughts let alone I could barley run. I felt like it had happened for a reason so I didn't question it. I tried to just go with the flow and keep my eyes covered. One day I was just having a normal day when I met him Harry. Interested? Will they fall deeply in love? Will Harry not like the truth? I don't know keep reading


1. Our First Date

Emily's P.O.V

Hi I'm Emily. I woke up in the night one day with golden eyes and supernatural powers. I don't know why but I try to go with it. I didn't feel pain when it happened but every night I wake screaming at 12:01 am. It's like my body hasn't noticed I'm a changed person and is in shock.I'm 18 I live alone at my flat. My mum use to live with me until she passed away from an illness a couple months ago.I guess your wondering what powers I have. I can read minds,shape shift,be invisible,and speed. I personally like invisible. I can basically do whatever I want. I don't steal though. Well sort of I walk into concerts. I climb on stage and watch. I could travel the world by sneaking into planes if I wanted to. Shape shift is pretty cool to though. But ya those are my powers. I basically keep my eyes covered 24/7. I don't have a job but the flats paid off. I sort of do random jobs for money. I live a normal day to day life you would expect from a teenager but I also have to have more responsibility since I live on my own. I'd like to have some one with me but I haven't found the one yet.Like I said I have to take on more responsibility I need to go to the store and pick up dinner. I get in my car and drive there. I arrive get out and go in. As usual I wore my sun glasses in to cover my golden eyes. I try what to think and have for dinner. I start looking around. As usual I was going as fast as every through the store and I ran into this guy with a mass of curly hair. We both apologize at the same time then he's like I'm sorry then I'm like no I'm sorry and we go on and on. Then he introduces his self "Well I'm Harry." "What's your name love?" Oh I'm Emily. "Why do you have sunglasses on inside?" he ask Um...I have sensitive eyes. He saw right through my lie. "That was the worst lie I have ever heard." "Now can I please see your eyes?" he asked I was thinking and I said okay I could always say they were contacts. I pulled them off and he stared for a good bit. He started to speak "Wow your eyes are amazing like nothing I've ever seen." Well thanks I blushed. "I know we just met but um do you wanna go on a date with me tonight?" he asked I said yes we exchanged phone numbers and I gave him my address he was gonna pick me up at 6:30. Well Bye for now I said. "Bye." he said as he walked away. I got my things and checked out. I rushed home cause I was excited. I immediately ran to my closet looking through my dresses. Hmm let's see what I have. Ah perfect my blue knee high length dress that suctions to my body in all the right place. I but it on and run up stairs and do my hair and makeup. After that I run and put my heels on and go downstairs. As I was going I hear a ding-dong at the door and ran only as fast as I could. It was Harry. He basically dropped his mouth open and said. "Wow." I locked the door as he opened the door to a limo. Wow I said while getting in. You really didn't have to do this Harry. "Well I had to make a good impression." Trust me you did. So where are we going? "To Nando's then to the theater if that's fine."  Oh ya it sound great. We arrived at Nando's and it was empty that was unusual We sat down and ordered. I started to talk Why is it so empty? "Cause I rented the whole place out for us." Wow you must be loaded I thought. I wonder what he's thinking. Wait duh I can read minds I looked into his eyes and smiled. Here's what he was thinking : Wow she's so beautiful and her eyes are amazing I wonder if I should tell her I'm from 1D. I stopped reading his mind. Are food came we started to eat man by the end I was stuffed. We got in the limo and was driving to the movies when I asked him if instead we could go to his place cause I was stuffed. He agreed cause he was so full to. We arrived there and it was huge. Wow I said. He replied "Ya the perks of being famous." I acted like I didn't know. You are? " Ya I'm in a band called One Direction." Oh cool I said. "Well I'm tired you can sleep with me in my bed tonight.'' Okay I said as I followed him upstairs. As soon as I hit that bed I was out cold.

Harry's P.O.V

I had fun with her tonight she looked stunning. She eats like Niall though. It's okay she eats like a man though. She had those golden eyes they were just so dreamy. I almost felt like she was hiding something from me. I watched her sleep for a while then I to went to bed.

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