Meant to Be

Kirsty's journey starts in Australia where she unexpectedly sits next to the one and only Harry Styles on her plane ride all the way to London to fufill her dream of being a photographer. Kirsty gets along really well with Harry and the boys and starts to hang out with them, but could this spark new romances in the group? Read more to find out!


2. Plane Ride

Harry's POV

I was just laughing at the bit in the movie pitch perfect where fat Amy gets a burrito thrown at her when I noticed Kirsty had rested her head on my shoulder and gone into a deep blissful sleep. I didn't want to wake her so I tried to stay as still as possible whist being comfortable as well. I noticed a hair falling over her face, I quickly and gently brushed the piece back behind her ear. She was so beautiful I was falling quick and hard for her, yet I didn't even know her properly yet. I was going to change that though, when she wakes up I was going to get to know her better but for now she was peaceful so I decided to join her . So I rested my head gently on top of hers and sat in my seat. It's definitely not easy to be comfortable on planes, defiantly not . . . 

Kirsty's POV 

I woke up feeling refreshed only to realise I still had 7hrs left till I arrived at London. I shuffled around in my seat and realised Harry was still asleep, so I got my iPhone and realised in my reflection I looked absolutely hideous. I decided to go to the toilets and freshen up. With that I stood up and picked my bag up when I realised I had to get past a sleeping Harry. I gently placed one foot as close to him as I could be so I could take one giant step to the pathway beside him. Here goes nothing, I quietly said to myself. I lifted my foot up, raised it high and I was around there quarters of the way when I lost balanced an collapsed straight onto Harry. I felt my warm body crash onto his as he woke up with a fright.

"Ohh no, Harry I'm so so so sorry, omg are you ok?"  I was making sure Harry was ok when I realised I was still practically lying all over him. I'm such a klutz. I quickly jumped up to the pathway and got out of his way.

"Oh don't sweat it, Harry replied , I'm used to it when I'm with the boys they are always jumping on me in the morning telling me to wake up. I wanted to talk to you though, I want to know more about you! You seem like one interesting girl Kirsty."

I was speechless. Harry Styles just said he wanted to get to know me better. Say something Kirsty, quick! He's going to think your crazy hurry!

"Ohh thanks you are very nice, I'll just go freshen up and I'll be back. Don't miss me to much curly " I winked as I walked to the toilets. Why did I say that last bit argh, he probably thinks I'm a freak.

I put my bag on the very small bench in the very small toilet with a very small mirror. I pulled out my makeup and freshened up my face and redid my hair and a messy bun with bits on the sides. I must admit for being on a plane for at least 10 hours I was looking pretty good .  Once I was done fixing my face I exited the again very small toilet and went back to my seat where I saw Harry with his hair all scruffier then usual. It made him look unbelievably hot! I walked back and went in my seat this time not falling all over Harry, although I do admit it wasn't such a bad thing. Now time to make conversation . . .  


Authors Note

Hey my fellow readers 😊
New fanfic!!!! 
I always like it when readers leave their comments of what they thought of the book so far, good or bad 😊
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