Secret Agents (1D fanfic)

What happens when Secret Agents Lexi and Lily were sent to a One Direction concert to capture two One Direction members. But what happens when they fall in love with them

Read to find out!!!!


10. She's Back

Maria's POV

I looked in the mirror and saw a girl. A girl who fell in love with Zayn. A girl who forced to leave. A girl who broke Zayn Malik. She had black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. This is the girl who I wish I was all the time. I am now back to being Olivia Oakley.
"Wow you look hot." Lexi said.

"Thank ya, thank ya." I said.

"So Olivia is your real name Olivia or Maria?" Lilly asked.

'I can't revel that kind of information." my real name is actually Diana.

We talked for awhile until we heard the front door shut. Oh no.

We ran downstairs and found out Niall left.
"I am going to kill him." Lilly said.

I just laughed. 'Yeah right. Lexi told me you practically frick fracked with him this morning." I said.

Then next thing I knew Lexi was being punched in the arm. I then was on the floor holding my gut, laughing so hard.

Zayn's POV

I stare at her picture. Her long black hair, her grey eyes.

She just disappeared on me. The boys couldn't help me in any way. She was my everything.

Just then my phone started ringing. It was Niall.

I answered.


"Zayn get over here now I need to talk to you."

'Where are you? You and Harry disappeared on us two days ago.'

"Meet me at the park in 7 minutes" he said with a nervous voice.

'Ok. Bye' then I hung up . WTF Niall 7 minutes.

So I grab my jacket and walked down stairs. I then decided to walk to the park. 

I walk out the door and a cool breeze hit my face. I walked down the sidewalk and I took in my surroundings. After a few minutes of walking I reached the park and I saw Niall sitting on the swings. I then decided to have some fun.

I walked up be him  as quietly as possible and I grabbed the chains and pulled him as far back as possible and then let go. He then started screaming. I then just started laughing my ass off. He jumped off and walked up to me.

"Not funny!" he said then punched me in the arm.

"No extremely funny and ouch." I said rubbing my arm.

"So Nialler wants on your mind."

"Well I think she's back."


"That girl ...... ummm...... her name was ......ummm..... Olivia I think.

I am pretty sure my jaw is on the ground right now.

"Lad close your mouth."

"Where? When? How does she look? Is she still the same?" I started firing questions at him.

"Dude calm down. I think I saw her Im not sure and plus the warden will let me bring you."

"Who is the warden?"

"Oh carp. She doesn't know I left. I have to go." Niall got up and ran. I followed him but made sure he didn't know.

He walked up to this big ass house. Wtf Niall.

He walked inside.

I followed him in.

"What the fuck man." he whispered/yelled.

"Why are you...."

"Niall is that you?" a female voice said while walking down stairs. "Hide man." he told me but it was too late.

"Niall why is he hear. Your not suppose to be her Zayn." she said.

"I know she's hear your little friend is hear too I hear them up stairs."

"Shit he knows." she mumbled.

"Well can I see her?" I asked impatiently.

"Fine but I came off rude. My name is Lilly. Welcome to hell." she said rudely.

"Yo .... Olivia.... get down here or else." geez she's violent. (No in real life she is ...... she scares me.... so does her dog)

"Lilly why do you have to be so mean to me?" she asked complaining while walking down the stairs followed by another girl. When she stopped and look at me.

She just stood there silently staring at me then her eyes started to water. Next thing I knew she was hugging me. I embraced her. She was crying in my chest. I cannot believe it she's back and I am never letting her go. 

Olivia's POV

I am so happy to see him. I can't believe he is hear. I never knew I missed him this much.

I don't want to let go, but everything is quiet. I release and he does the same and we turn around and find no one there. They must have left.

"Olivia I have missed you so much. Don't leave me again. Please. Where have you been." "Zayn I have missed you so much. I was forced to leave because of my job. I work for a   agency and I was just trying to protect you. Because I love you." I said at once. Then I felt a pair of lips hit mine. I started kissing back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. everything was perfect. I wish time would freeze.

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