Secret Agents (1D fanfic)

What happens when Secret Agents Lexi and Lily were sent to a One Direction concert to capture two One Direction members. But what happens when they fall in love with them

Read to find out!!!!


8. Meeting Again

Zayn's POV

I cannot believe it's been two years since we have encountered each other. She was my life but now I don't know where she is. She was my everything until one day she just disappeared....

Maria's POV

I shoot Lexi a quick text to tell her I'm in London. She replied quickly back saying that she cant wait to see me again. So as I walk out of the airport I take a moment to remember my mission. Zayn needs help and bad. He has even depressed since I left. I loved him so much but I had to leave in order to protect him. I am dangerous and I couldn't stick at that time. But this time is different.

I walk out of the door and get in a taxi. I ask him take me to the nearest store. He took me to one and I paid him and got out. I walked inside and went to the hair products. I have to dye my hair again. I grab the black hair dye. I grabbed a pair of cuff link earrings. I headed to the counter and paid. I have dyed my hair so many times that I don't even remember its original color. I wanna say it was a darkish brown color. I am guessing I will be the same girl I was before I left dark blue hair kinda off.

I went over to Lexis and Lilly's. I knew not to be seen by the boys so I threw a rock at the window in the back and saw my best friend and some girl look down at me. I climbed up the tree next to the window and climbed through it. I then was tackled to the ground with a big hug. "OMG. I cannot believe you are here. Why are you here again I know you told but I have so much on my mind I forgot. I am so happy you are here. Maria this is Lilly. Lilly this is Maria." Lexi said at once and was gesturing to Lilly. She is really pretty. "Hi nice to meet you Lexi won't ever shutup about you." Lilly said as we hugged. I am a hugger and a killer. Yep I am a weirdo. I hug a stranger but I would kill my own friend.

"Lexi Lilly can you help me create my new look?" I ask. "YES!!!!!!!!!" they say together. I grab the hair dye, the new outfit, and the earrings.


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