Secret Agents (1D fanfic)

What happens when Secret Agents Lexi and Lily were sent to a One Direction concert to capture two One Direction members. But what happens when they fall in love with them

Read to find out!!!!


2. Concert and Mission Part 1

When we entered the stadium we were in the front row.

They sang a few songs and then chose the girls.

I saw Niall Horan coming towards me. Man he is hot. Wait what am I saying he is going to be taken away is a few moments.

He took me up on stage. I saw Lexi being taken by Harry Styles.
After the concert we went backstage with the boys I went with Niall to his dressing room but before I entered I put my sunglasses on.

I closed the door. He looked into my sunglasses and looked confused.

“What’s wrong Niall, powers are not working on huh?” I said with a smirk.

“What the hell are you talking about?” man he is a bad liar.

“Don’t try that bullshit on me Niall. You are going to listen to me. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

He smirk and started to throw his fist at me. I caught his fist. “Looks like its going to be the hard way huh.” I shot him with my dart gun.

He fell gone.

“Always has to be the hard way.”

I tapped my glasses three times and he was transported to headquarters.


Agent L

Harry took me to his dressing room. He locked the door and picked me up and  laied me down on the couch. He started kissing me.

I grabbed my dart gun and shot him.

“Well that was easy.”

I tapped my glasses three times and he transported to headquarters.

I walk out to see Lily waiting.

“Well about time I have been waiting for you for ten minutes. What were you doing having sex with Harry Styles.”

“No, almost.”

I rolled my eyes at them and we transported back to headquarters.

We walked into Director Grace’s office.

“Good Job girls but that is not all of it. Y’all will be in charge of Harry and Niall.”

Our jaws dropped. “WHAT!!!!!” we both said at the same time.

“But Director Grace how, what, why?” Lily askes.

“Agent Lil you are in charge of taking away Niall’s powers and while you are at it develop a friendship with him.”

“Ugh. This is unfair.” She said

“Agent L you are in charge of teaching Harry to not sexually abuse women.”

“Really you can teach him not to abuse women and not to have sex with them but you cannot teach how to sexually abuse people. Lily you got the easy one.” I pouted.


Agent Lil

I got just the way to teach Niall.

I walked into the room Niall was in and saw that he was sitting in a chair with sunglasses on and his hands tied to the chair.

“What do you want with me I did nothing wrong.” He said

“Niall I am sorry but you have been controlling people with your eyes.”

I took my sunglasses off.

“Niall you and I have the same eye color. I found out from Director G. I have the same powers you have. I am immune from your powers. You cannot control me. I use my powers for my job now. But you Niall use them for bad. You control people to do what you want. For bad. I am here to change that. You will be living with me, Agent L, and harry I will always have one of us stay with y’all. If y’all don’t pull any tricks on us nothing will happen to you or Harry. Understand?”

He nodded his head.


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