Collins comes from an abusive past, with many foster home moves. Collins finally gets a call that she would have new foster parents. Will this new home come with more surprise than Collins bargains for? New siblings, a mysterious boy, a new school, or fights? Or is it just another foster home that she'd be leaving?

**some ideas used from the show "The Fosters"


1. chapter 1

One home after the next, that was basically what happened. I was going on my fifth foster home, living the life right? My dad was an alcoholic, when he was sober which was rarely ever he was the greatest dad, but when he got to drinking he became abusive. After years of being abused by him when he was drunk I was sick of it. One night he came home hammered, apparently I hadn't cleaned the house to his liking as he swung his large fist at my face. I never stood up to him but that night I did. Shortly after he had struck my face my I threw my fist at his jaw. But what police heard from my dad was that I had acted out leaving him with bruises on his face he did himself sending me off to juvi. Few weeks later he drank himself to death dropping me off into the foster home program. 

"Collins! Dr. Brooks wants to speak with you." I heard a strong deep voice say sternly.

I already knew by the slick accent with his words it was Officer Martinez. We've gotten to know each other very well from how many times I've been in here.

"May be your last foster home." He smiled signaling me to go into the little office of the entrance of large juvenile building. 

"I'm hoping." I said quietly to myself walking towards the office.

I tugged a loose piece of my blonde hair behind my ear as entered the office. 

"Please, sit Ms. Collins." He calmly ordered as he filed through some papers looking up at me as he took off his glasses.

I sat impatiently as I quietly tapped my foot as my leg shook, I fumbled with my hands in my lap as he spoke.

"You have a new foster home, hopefully it will be your last." He gives a warm smile sliding some papers across the desk for me to sign.

"One of them will be here in a little while to get you, you're excused." He says clearing his throat.

I nodded biting the inside of my cheek as I left the office, Officer Martinez escorting me back to my room gathering the few things I had, changing into the clothes I came here in. Some tattered blue jeans and a old t-shirt. My face was bare of makeup as I pulled my dirty blonde hair back in a loose pony, some pieces falling to the sides of my face.

I grabbed the small bag I had having a few of the things I had. I grabbed the little gold locket out of the small pocket in the bag as I put it on around my neck. It probably had little importance to anyone else but it was important to me. 

I finished as Officer Martinez escorted me back to the front of the building. Before we got there I stopped and hugged him. He was the closet person I had to family in that place.

He smiled "you're gonna be alright kiddo."  

I nodded "thanks Officer Martinez." 

We then continued walking as we reached the front as a woman was waiting by the desk.

I examined her she was African American, wearing a orange blouse, blue skinny jeans, and cream colored heels. She had a calming affect about her, her smile warm and inviting. Something I've hadn't seen in a long time. 

"Collins, this is your Foster mother." Dr Brooks said motioning me to come closer.

I nodded slowly walking towards her slightly smiling as I saw her eyes examine me. 

"Alright, well shall we?" She smiled walking towards the door holding it open as she looked back at me.

I followed her out not saying much as we got in the car beginning to drive to my new foster home. I sometimes would glance up at the review mirror as we would make eye contact.

I didn't usually talk to anyone besides Officer Martinez, I could trust him unlike other people I've dealt with. We soon pulled into a driveway of a home in a homey neighborhood. I got out looking up at the large home, rustic and inviting. I heard her walk up next to me resting her hand on my shoulder.

"Welcome home Collins." She smiled hugging me from the side. 






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