Nobody compares to you

Alex have an amazing life, she have perfect parents, popular in school, and have so many friends. When she gets 1D tickets, she invited 2 of her best friends, Miley and Abby. Will she gets any closer to Liam? Can a directioner turns a lover?


1. Last day of high school

I swear I would throw this stupid alarm out of the window. It is so annoying, the way it rings in my ear, causing me a bad mood, and not forget: won't let me sleep any longer. I walked lazily, dragging my legs behind me, to the bathroom. I must look pretty. Well yeah, i am the kind of girls, who love to be pretty in school. It is in vain, to become so pretty.

 I wore a green shirt, with white jeans. It only missing? I thought while I searched in the closet. "Here!" I almost scream, while I grab the white scarf, I laid it around my neck. Perfect. Now about my I grabbed the straighter, and straighten my hair. I put some accessories, and ran downstairs.

I hurried downstairs, "hello love. Slept well?" My mom asked, when she noticed me. "Who can sleep well with a stupid alarm?" She giggles, and offers me a sandwich." So, today is the last day right? Aren't you excited?" Wow, she got tons of question. I nod, and grab another sandwich. I am so hungry, and could eat a whole school of sandwiches. Yummy. 

 " mom, do you have any plans for the summer?" I just want to know," no idea, your dad is coming today isn't he?" I nod. Well, another boring summer, I guess. I grab my bag, kissed my mom, and headed outside.

 Today's weather isn't bad. I sighed when I saw Betty. I don't hate her, but she always drag herself to us, and it is kind of annoying. "Hi!" She waved. "Hello" I forced a smile. I guess in the end, we had to walk to school 'together'. "So, you are traveling for the summer? Will you go to London?......" She started asking questions, oh no. 

 "Hi Miley!" I screamed, and run over her. Thank God I didn't have to answer all Betty's no sense questions."hi!!" She screamed back. We walked and talked over everything, the vacation, how we both felt for Arthur, and almost every thing.

 Miley is my friend from grade 5. We got along so well, and if we had problems, we would ask each other for help. Unlike me, she isn't popular, iam. It showing off or anything, I just love simple lives, not the popular ones. She can always be with my side.

 When we reached to our destined point, I dragged Miley to our lockers. If I didn't do hat, she would stay there for almost an hour, cause of-Arthur." Math?" I nod. We high five, and took a steady race, who reach class first. And as I guess, she won. 

 She teased me almost the whole time. We even talked about Arthur. Both sighing, and day dreaming."do you think Spanish is good?" I laughed at her question."how shall I know?" She nod, and excused for the bathroom. The moment she left, everyone start messaging me, talking to me, and we were still in the middle of the class.

your so cute today, I read from one of the messages. I looked around, and saw Arthur grinning. I blushed, looking at my feet. Miley came after minutes." Why so happy?" I just coughed, and looked at Arthur, he was a prince. But if I had the choice to choose 1D or him, for sure 1D!

 Iam a crazy fan of them, my room is all covered my their picture. Do you remember the alarm? Well yeah, I didn't break it cause it is 1D's!! "Mrs. Park. Answer this equation.plz." Mr. Odle, asked with a frown. I stood up and gave him the answer, he just frowns, and I sat down. Nobody, I mean nobody make fun of me in the class, and never in front of Arthur.



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