Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


18. The Diamond

The next morning Emma rolled over, the silk covers covering her small, naked body.  Although she was insanely drunk last night, she still could remember what happened after she got back from that club.  She looked down at the floor, noticing her clothes were sprawled out on the floor.  Emma blushed, knowing good and well what had happened after she returned.  She reached her arm over, expecting Harry to still be laying down, but he wasn’t.  Emma sighed, rolling onto her back and staring at the ceiling out of boredom.  “Good morning sleepy head,” cooed a voice from the doorway.  Harry smiled, his pajama bottoms hanging loosely from his waist and hair in a curly mess.  He was carrying a tray full of breakfast food and fruit, along with water and aspirin.  Emma sat up, grabbing the sheets and covered herself up modestly, noticing now the slight hangover that she had gotten from the one too many drinks she had downed the night before.  Harry smiled and sat the tray next to her before heading to his closet and grabbing a t shirt and tossing it to Emma.  “Thank you,” she smiled, tossing it on and letting the sheets fall, not needing them anymore.  She took the aspirin, before digging into her breakfast, feeding Harry lovingly every few bites.  “So...I have something to ask you,” Harry smiled, taking her hand.  Emma swallowed a bite of her french toast and took a small sip of her mango juice before giving him her full attention.  “So for a while now, I have been wanting to just come out and do this.  And I didn’t care if it was romantic or not but I think now is the time to do it,” Harry started.  He turned around and grabbed a small white velvet box, placing it on her knee.  Emma gasped, covering her mouth, tears in her eyes already.  Harry moved the tray on the bedside table and took her hands.  “Emma.  I brought you here to ask you a very important question.  One that will change both of our lives.  You have sacrificed so much to be with me.  Continuing with your education, your career, and family just to be with me.  And I know it hurts you but I want to be the one to tell you that it was worth it.  And that I can be the one that will help you gain all those things to make you the most happiest and loved wife in the world.  In order to do that, I need you to accept this ring.  Emma...will you marry me?” Harry asked, holding the small silver ring, the light blue diamond shining in the light.  Emma caught her breath and nodded, unable to speak as Harry slid the ring on her long, delicate finger.  She smiled and wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck tightly, falling back onto the bed.  
    After spending two weeks in Costa Rica, Emma and Harry both decided that maybe it was a good idea to go home.  Emma sighed, leaning her head on Harry’s shoulder and watched the familiar London streets pass as the taxi drove the both of them home.  It was already starting to get cold, and it didn’t help that it was raining, something Emma didn’t miss.  The taxi parked in front of their familiar apartment and opened up the door for her.  Emma hopped out, taking her umbrella and opening it immediately and holding it over her, shielding herself from the rain.  Harry headed to the back of the cab, grabbing their bags and running up the stairs and inside.  Emma payed the driver and did the same, grabbing her keys and heading to her door, unlocking it for the both of them.  As soon as Harry kicked the door open, the lights flashed on exposing the large crowd that were hidden in the dark and yelling “Surprise!”  Emma grinned, her face bright red as she closed her umbrella and hanging it next to her jacket.  Maria pushed through the crowd and hugged her daughter tightly.  “Mom what are you doing here?” Emma smiled hugging her back.  Maria kissed her daughter’s forehead, “I missed you so I moved here!” she laughed, hugging her again before turning to Harry and hugging him too.  “So how come I had to find out about your engagement through Anne?” she asked sternly.  Emma shrugged, “Haven’t really told anyone.  Harry planned the whole thing,” she smiled sweetly, looking up at her fiancee.  Harry kissed Emma softly then turned to Ed who patted Harry on the back, “Congrats Mate” he chuckled, pulling him in for a hug.  Danielle and Eleanor pulled Emma in for a group hug, “Lemme see the ring!” Eleanor squealed, practically jumping.  Emma flashed her ring, batting her eyelashes jokingly.  Danielle’s mouth dropped and she squealed, hugging her best friend, “I am so happy for the both of you!” she grinned.  After hours of speeches, hugging, cake, and champagne, the crowd dwindled, heading home.  “Thanks for coming!” Emma smiled, waving to the last few guests.  Maria sat on the couch, her drawing pad out and a pencil in her hand.  “Really mom?  Doing work at my own party?” she joked, plopping down next to her.  Maria chuckled, “Do you want a dress or not?” she smiled, sticking out her tongue and scrunching her face.  Emma rested her head on her mother’s shoulder.  “It’s beautiful,” she complimented, “It kind of looks like yours,” she noticed.  Maria nodded, “Because I want you to wear mine.  But I’m just trying to find a way to modernize it.  Make it something that reflects you,” she smiled, tapping her nose gently with the pencil.  Emma sighed, taking a sip of her red whine and kissed her mom’s cheek.  “Thank you mommy,” she whispered, hugging her mother tightly.

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