Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


15. Roses

~~~3 months later~~~

“Emma! Hun you’re phone is ringing!” Maria called from the kitchen, grabbing it and waiting for Emma to come retrieve it.  “Who is it?” Emma asked, grabbing the phone and looking at the caller I.D. to see a picture of Harry and Emma from their Christmas date.  “Hey babe!” she chimed, answering the phone cheerfully and sitting down at the kitchen table.  “Hey beautiful! So guess what?” he asked, over the loud rustling and screaming in the background.  “What babe?” asked Emma, trying to ignore the noise of the boys fooling around in the background.  “Come to the doorrrr!!!!” screamed Louis in the background, instantly being shushed by Harry.  Emma looked to her mom and grinned, running to the door and opening it to find a huge bouquet of white roses and daisies, being held by the 5 hands of the boys.  They popped their heads from behind the bouquet and grinned, “Surprise!” they screamed.  Emma smiled and took the flowers, trying her hardest to hold them tightly in her arms while simultaneously kissing the cheeks of Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis.  Harry stood with his hands in his pockets, waiting patiently for a special kiss from Emma.  She moved closer to Harry, pressing her lips to his, softly but urgently.  Harry kissed her back, bringing his hand to her cheek, rubbing his thumb across the skin softly.  Niall was the first to cough uncomfortably, breaking up the make out session that had manifested in front of them.  Emma blushed and turned towards the group, “Well you guys are welcome inside,” she smiled letting the group walking in first before shutting the door after them.  Maria grinned looking up from her drawings and ran to the boys, hugging them tightly “Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise!” she squealed.  “What are you guys doing here anyways?” Emma asked, putting the flowers in a large vase and walking over to Harry, wrapping her arms around his waist.  Louis picked her up and swung her around playfully, “We have a concert to prepare for tomorrow morning so we decided to come hang out with you!” he grinned.  Emma giggled and ruffled his hair, hopping out of his arms and punching his arm playfully, “So you thought you could get away with staying at an expensive hotel, by bunking with Emma, oh gee thanks” Emma joked.  Harry wrapped his arms around her from behind, “And we came to tell you that you have VIP tickets not only to the concert but to the after party,” he grinned, kissing her shoulder.  Emma smiled, brushing her fingertips along his jawline, “That sounds perfect.”

 “Mom?! Hurry up!  The limo is waiting!” she called upstairs, impatiently tapping her freshly painted ruby red nails against the wall.  Maria walked down the stairs, trying not to trip on her own feet as her heels clicked against the wood.  “Okay. Okay. I’m here. Let’s go,” her mom huffed.  Emma ran to the limo, making sure her dress did ride up the wrong way as she slid in the seat.  Her mom sat next to her, shutting the door and leaning back in the seat, exasperated.  They arrived at the venue, which was crowded with fans, banging on the windows, trying their hardest to see who was inside.  The limo made it’s way into the lower garage, near the bus and parked.  Harry came up to the door and opened it up, respectfully helping Maria out of the limo.  He held Emma’s hand in his and picked her up and out of the limo, walking inside.  “Babe you look beautiful, as always,” he smiled, kissing her neck.  Emma blushed, and kissed his lips, “I wanted to look good for the concert tonight, I heard this british boy band were playing and you know me, a sucker for english accents, had to attend,” she joked.  Harry chuckled and brought her down from his arms and kissed her softly, “Glad you showed up, so we have to go get dressed but I’ll take you to your seats before I leave okay?” he smiled, taking Maria and Emma in his arms and escorted them to the front row.  Maria pat Harry’s head, “Such a gentleman” she giggled.  Emma blushed and kissed Harry softly, “Good luck babe.  Break a leg,” she smiled, brushing back his hair.  Harry waved to the two and crept off backstage.  “You like him a lot don’t you?” Maria asked, nudging her daughter’s side playfully.  Emma sighed and nodded, staring at the stage in awe, “Yeah...Mom he’s perfect.  I don’t care what other people say, but in my eyes he’s perfect,” Emma smiled, blushing a crimson red.  Maria wrapped her arm around her waist and rested her head on her shoulder, “I wish your dad was here to see this...” she whispered.  Emma teared up, brushing her eyes before they ruined her perfectly good makeup.  She hated crying over him, for the fact that he deserted Maria and her a while back and for the affair that she had to keep a secret.  “I don’t want him here, he doesn’t deserve that much,” Emma sniffled, cleaning her makeup off.  Maria sighed and hugged her tightly, “You know what I mean.  I want him to see how happy you are without him...” she sighed.  The rest of the fans filed in the seats, staring at Emma obnoxiously.  “I’m sorry but you’re Emma right??  Harry’s girlfriend?” one of the younger girls asked, her hair in two pigtails and her cheeks painted with 1D in black and red ink.  “Um..yes?” Emma asked, moving closer to her mother.  The girl dashed across the seat and hugged her tightly before running back to her other friends, squealing at the top of her lungs.  “That was weird...” Emma sighed, immediately looking to the stage as the lights dimmed down and the audience screams became chants “ONE DIRECTION!”   Harry walked out first throwing a single red rose to Emma, a small note attached to it.  “This concert’s for you”

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