Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


1. New York, New York

Emma squirmed in her seat, staring up at the clock waiting impatiently for the bell to chime.  “Emma, quit it you’re shaking the table,” Jeff hissed, nudging her side.  Emma blushed, and packed her bag quickly, “Sorry….” she mumbled back.  They both sat up making their way to the door, just in time for the last bell of the day to ring.  “Why are you so fidgety anyway?” Jeff huffed, catching up to her.  Emma took out her train ticket, the words New York in big letters at the top.  “Mom’s taking me to me New York tonight, to start our 4 day vacation.  She’s taking me to watch her fashion show!” she smiled, jumping up and down giddily.  She looked down at her phone noticing a new message from her mom “Hurry up” it read in all caps.  “I gotta go Jeff.  Text me” she smiled hugging him tightly and giving him a small kiss on the cheek.  Jeff smiled and waved as Emma left the school in a hurry.

Emma grabbed her suitcase out of her closet and slammed it on her bed, opening it and going back to her closet.  “MOM! What do you wear to a fashion show?!” she yelled to the other room.  Her mom walked in the room, smiling, “You’ve been to hundreds of them and yet you still want my help?” she joked, grabbing a black cheetah blouse and a black A line skirt.  “Not to casual and not too dressy, remember that Em.” her mom smiled, kissing her cheek.  “Now hurry up, the train leaves at 8 and it’s still an hour ride there,” her mom reminded her walking out of the room.  Emma grabbed the rest of her clothes and packed them neatly in her bag, making sure there was enough room for her shoes, makeup and her flat iron.  She sighed and plopped on her bed, grabbing her laptop and clicking on the Twitter tab at the top of her page.  Emma dragged her finger across the track pad and clicked on “@Harry_Styles” from her timeline and smiled as she read the random tweets that appeared on her screen.  She opened up a new tab and typed in “T-U-M-B-L-R” then clicking enter.   As usual her dash was filled with pictures and updates on One Direction.  She scrolled down and one post in particular caught her eye. “One Direction in New York filming!  Who’s going?” the post read, with 5K notes following the post.  She “loved” the post and reblogged, typing “What a coincidence! I’ll be in New York tonight….”


Emma’s mother shuffled her things into the elevator and leaned against the wall letting out an obnoxious sigh.  “Worst train ride ever, who would have thought it would be this busy.”  Emma laughed, “Mom it’s a friday. And we’re in New York, everything here is busy,” she joked.  Her mom shrugged as she walked out of the elevator and onto their floor.  Emma followed and noticed a slew of girls standing against the walls of the hall, all with their cameras and notepads out.  “What the hell?” Emma whispered under her breath, staring at all of them.  “Hey mo—-” Emma tried to blurt out before being shoved out of the way by a huge man, his muscles practically bulging out of the black tee he sported.  “Hey! Jesus excuse you too…” Emma protested, collecting her stuff and looking up to see who bumped into her.  She saw a guard walk by her, not even noticing that he had crashed into her, then noticed a tall curly haired boy in front of her.  “I’m sorry, you okay?” he asked in a deep husky english accent.  Emma stood there silent and smiled, “Yeah. I’m fine, I was just taken aback that’s all,” she explained.  “Do you want an autograph? Hug?” he asked, trying his best to keep eye contact with her.  Emma blushed and looked down, shaking her head “No thanks.  Just trying to get to my room.  You better get going Harry,” she smiled.  “How did you know who I was?” he asked puzzled.  Emma giggled and gained the courage to wink at him, turning away and calling back “Just a guess” she smiled.  Harry grinned and waved at her before returning his attention to the fans that plagued the hallway.  Emma looked at her mother, “Who was that hun?” she asked, looking over her shoulder and noticing the rest of the boys.  “Just a boy band mom” she smiled shuffling her feet and grinning.  “I can’t believe I just talked to Harry Styles…..” she thought opening up her hotel door room and shut it, leaning against the closed door.

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