Light Up My World

(Transferring my stories from my account to here)
Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


5. Louis

 Emma made sure to get up a little earlier than usual, getting herself ready for a day out in New York.  She got dressed, grabbing a sweater, a pair of pleather trousers, her studded boots and her mom's bowler hat.  She chuckled, knowing her mom would have rolled her eyes at her outfit but today was chilly and all she really cared about was comfort.  Although she did admit, she did look quite good.

  Emma curled her hair in soft loose waves, applying liquid liner and brushed her teeth before picking up her phone and opening up a new text.  She flipped through her iPhone and tapped on Harry’s name.  “Hey I’m all ready.  What time do you want me there?” she typed, immediately pressing send.  She sipped her tea, stirring the honey around before taking a sip.  Her phone buzzed and Harry’s name flashed on the screen, she tapped in her passcode and looked at the new message.  “I’m coming to pick you up now.  I’ll be there momentarily xxHarry.”  Emma smiled gulping down the rest of her tea and slipping on her shoes just in time to hear a faint knock at the door.  She opened it and grinned to see Harry and Louis standing at her door. “Be quiet. My mom is still asleep” she warned, putting a finger to her lips.  She invited them in and shut the door behind them.  “Emma.  This is Louis.  Louis this is Emma, I met her yesterday at the fashion show that you didn’t want to go to” Harry teased.  Louis rolled his eyes and hugged Emma tightly, “I didn’t feel like it so sue me” Louis chuckled.  Harry shrugged and looked to Emma, his eyes boring into her.  “You ready?” he asked, putting an arm around her.  Emma nodded grabbing her bag off the counter and nodded “Yup I’m ready,” she smiled, walking towards the door.  “Well then let’s get going!” Louis chirped, following her out the door.  Harry took her hand, brushing his thumb against hers and smirked, “You look beautiful” he complimented.  Emma’s cheeks blushed and she smiled at him, pulling him closer to hug him sweetly, “thank you,” she managed to say, blushing a bright red.  Louis clicked the elevator button and whistled softly to himself, “So I heard that you were on the runway.  Are you a model?” he asked curiously, stepping into the elevator.  Emma shook her head, “No. My mom is a designer.  She convinced me to walk with her down the catwalk.  Why?” she asked.  Louis shrugged “Harry said that you were this sexy—” Louis coughed, being rudely interrupted by Harry tapping his man goods.  “What Louis meant to say was that when I was talking about you I thought you were one of the models.  Being all, gorgeous and all,” he tried to coverup.  Emma twirled her long brown highlighted hair between her fingers, not buying it one bit.  “I think you should try modeling, you may be good at it you never know” Louis smiled weakly, slowly recovering from a blow to the balls.  She smiled and nodded curtly, walking out of the elevator, “Maybe” she smiled.

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