Light Up My World

(Transferring my stories from my account to here)
Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


12. Flack

Emma climbed out of the limo, taking Harry’s hand in hers and walking on the plush red carpet.  “Just walk with me, I’ll be right here the whole time.  Breath okay Em?” he cooed softly in her ear as they made their way towards the bulbs of lights flashing.  Emma smiled and tried not to blink as the lights blinded her sight, she regretted not bringing her sunglasses.  “Who’s the new girl?  Is she your girlfriend?”, “Smile gorgeous! What’s your name!” shouted voices from left to right.  Harry turned to her, rubbing her lower back, “Just ignore them babe.  Smile and wave,” he spoke softly into her ear.  “Can we have a group picture?  Everyone get together” the paps yelled, still flashing their cameras as One Direction moved in close.  Harry grinned, placing his hand on her bum and giving it a light squeeze.  Emma looked to Harry, her mouth hanging, a slight grin on her face.  “Sorry!” Harry yelled over everyone else, “It’s a habit” he laughed.  He grabbed her hand and walked along the carpet, keeping her close.  “Harry!!” screamed a voice, from behind two husky guards, moving out of the way as Caroline Flack emerged from the human made gate the guards have created.  Harry’s face brightened, practically running over to her and giving her a hug.  “Caroline! How’re you?” Harry asked, placing a kiss on her cheek.  Caroline was at least 32 and had the lines and marks to prove it.  Emma, not actually knowing who she was personally never really cared for her.  She wasn’t the type to send death threats, but her eyes burning into the old lady could kill.  Caroline looked to Emma then back at Harry, who had pulled  Caroline next to him for a picture.  Her fingers played with the curls hanging from the back of his head, twirling them around her fingers.  “Emma, c’mon.  Let’s go get our seats, now’s not the time to get jealous,” Zayn cooed, pulling her away.
    Harry held her hand, brushing his fingertips against hers softly, a little nervous as they announced the nominees for their category.  Emma kissed his wrist assuringly and smiled as he looked over, his face full of worry.  “You’ll be fine baby, even if you don’t win, you still have your music and me and the rest of the band and your family,” she smiled.  Harry brushed his thumb against her cheek and winked, “Thank you babe.”  The lights shined up the group and cheers filled the room, “Harry Stand up!! We run!”  Niall screamed, hugging his family.  Harry looked to Emma and grinned kissing her softly before walking to the stage with the rest of the band.  “We just want to thank all of our fans.  Our 1D family for being there for us for all this time.  And I wanted to thank our parents for supporting us.  And lastly, my angel.  Thank you babe” Harry winked, waving the award around.  Emma clapped, standing up from her seat as she watched the boys exit the stage.  "Were you the one he was referring too?" asked a voice from behind, clearly trying to hide their disgust with a giggle.  Emma turned around to Caroline and grinned, too happy for the boys to become angry.  "Yes. Actually... and you are?" she asked, smiling.  Caroline winced, her anger boiling as she sat back down in her seat and mumbled a few obscenities.  Emma triumphantly sat back down in her seat and waited for the boys to return, happy with the enemy she had made.

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