Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


9. First Date

Emma walked around her room quickly and quietly, trying to keep her huffs and grunts to a low volume.  Her mother sat in the living room chatting with a man on the other line, every once in a while rolling her eyes.  “Pouvez-vous s’il vous plait me recontre a New York?” she asked in French to the man on the other line. “Bien sur.  Nous allons nous renir a Londres. Nous allons vous y recontrer mecredi” she huffed, hanging up the phone.  Emma sat next to Maria, her hands full of clothing options.  She rested her head on her mother’s shoulder, “What’s wrong mama?” Emma asked in her small baby voice.  Maria took her drawing pad out from her purse and began hastily dragging her pencil across the blank page.  “We need to leave on tuesday night to London” she explained, adding detail to the dress in progress.  “Why?” asked Emma, watching her mother draw a masterpiece.  Maria chuckled and looked down at her, “Actually, he mentioned you.  I guess his intern saw you walk down the catwalk with me and thinks that we should work together for a photo shoot.  He wants you to be the model of a new design that I have to draw up by tonight” she explained, grabbing her colored pencils and colored away.  Emma blushed, “Why me?  Aren’t there other models out there?” she asked, a little happy and embarrassed that they asked for HER.  “I don’t know hun. Hmmm so stealing more of your mom's clothing?,” Maria giggled.  Emma sat up, shaking her head childishly, a smile on her face, "I like this sweater and it matches the leggings perfectly mom.  Besides, it's only for a few hours," she explained, quivering her bottom lip.  

Maria rolled her eyes, chuckling, "That's true.  But guess who's washing it?" she smiled, winking at her daughter.   Emma laughed, kissing her mother’s cheek and running off to the bathroom to finish getting ready.  She put up her hair and fixed her leggings, making sure they didn’t bunch up in all the wrong places before slipping on her boots.  She turned around grabbing her makeup when her phone screamed with music.  “Uhm? Hello?” she asked, trying her best to do two things at once.  “Hey. Can you keep it down over there? I’m trying my best to impress this girl that’s on her way over,” Harry joked.  Emma laughed, applying some mascera, “No! I’m trying to make myself look good for this lame date this boy has asked me on” she teased back.  She heard Harry laugh on the other end, “Very funny.  So?  Are you almost finished making yourself look good. Because I have picked the best movie out and I got popcorn and candy too” Harry chirped.  “I’ll be over there in like ten minutes. I just gotta brush my teeth.  Do I need to bring anything?” she asked, grabbing the tooth paste from the holder.  “No no no not at all.  I’m sure I’ve pretty much got everything.  I’ll see you when you get here” he spoke.  Emma agreed and said her good bye, hanging up her cell phone and brushing her teeth.  “I’ll be back later mom!  Love you” she called, waltzing out the door and shutting it behind her.  Emma walked a few steps down the hall and knocked on his door.  She heard stumbling then the door unlocking clumsily before opening.  Harry stood in the door way, his t shirt hanging loosely from his frame, making his collar bones jut out farther and his arms look more leaner.  “Hey love!” he smiled, pulling her inside and hugging her tightly.

Emma took a bite out of her homemade cotton candy admiring the fact that Harry actually bought a cotton candy maker.  She looked up at Harry, giggling as a piece of the pink cotton hung from his mouth.  “Uhm….Harry.. you got a little something right…there” she smiled pointing to the corner of his mouth.  Harry brushed his cheek, clearly missing the huge blob of cotton candy hanging on his mouth, “I don’t feel anything”  he smiled, “Do you mind getting it?” he asked.  Emma giggled and brushed her thumb across the corner of his mouth, brushing away the left behind cotton candy.  Harry nodded and looked down at her, “I have to say, you look pretty sexy tonight” he smiled, pulling her closer.  Emma blushed and took another bite of her cotton candy, trying to hide her face.  Harry chuckled already noticing the grin that appeared on her face, he took his hand and brushed her hair off of her shoulder, exposing her skin and kissed her neck softly. Emma bit her lip, trying her hardest not to give into him and shifted uncomfortably.  She knew that Harry was good with girls, and wanted to keep things slow.  Harry chuckled and kissed her cheek, getting the idea and pulled away, grabbing a blanket from the side of the couch. He spread it over the both of them, giving Emma the opportunity to cuddle closer to Harry.  She rested her head his chest, her eyes already closing.  Harry did the same and wrapped his arms around her waist tightly falling asleep as well. 

“Harry!  Hey Harry wake up” she heard a voice whisper as the blankets were being gently pulled off of her.  Emma opened her eyes and looked around disoriented.  Didn’t she just fall asleep like 5 minutes ago?  She looked over at Harry who was rubbing his eyes, “What do you want man?” he asked yawning.  “Emma’s mom stopped me in the hall.  She was wondering if Emma was alive.  She wants her home soon” Niall spoke.  Emma stood up, stretching her muscles that have seem to have gotten use to being contorted to the same shape as Harry. Niall blushed, a little uncomfortable standing in the same room, and interupting their date. Harry got up and folded up the blanket, “I’ll walk you to your door” he offered, picking up his cellphone.  Niall grabbed her arm softly and chuckled, "You might want to do something with your hair, you have some marks on your neck" he blushed, pointing to the small hickey that had formed.  Emma's face turned red and she quickly took her hair out of her pony tail and covered it as best as she could.  Harry opened the door and let Emma out first, grabbing her hand as he shut the door.  “I had a great time, too bad we spent half of it asleep” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck a little embarrassed.  Emma leaned against her door smiling, “I did too,” she whispered, loud enough for Harry to hear.  She was about to turn the doorknob when Harry grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tightly to his chest.  He pressed his lips softly against Emma’s, tangling his long fingers through her hair.  Emma kissed him back, resting her hands on his shoulders, deepening the kiss.  After what felt like forever Harry pulled away and kissed her forehead, “Goodnight” he smiled, walking back down the hallway to his hotel room.

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