Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


11. Family

Emma looked out the window of the taxi as it slowly pulled up in front of Harry’s house.  She looked to Harry nervously, grabbing her hand tightly in his.  “They’ll like you Emma.  Quit freaking out” he chuckled, helping her out of the car.  Emma closed her eyes trying her hardest to breath.  She always hated meeting the parents of a boy she liked, it just set her nerves on edge and made her perfectionist inside her freak out.  “Harry!” squealed a voice from the doorway of the house.  A shortish, brown haired woman ran out of her house hugging her son tightly.  “I’ve missed you so much!  How was America?” she asked, grabbing her son’s bags and helping him inside.  “It was great mom! I want you to meet Emma,” Harry smiled, pushing Emma forward.  Emma stumbled and grinned as Anne extended her arms for a warm hug, “Harry has told me so much about you.  And he was right, you are so gorgeous!” she smiled. Harry chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck, embarrassed.  Anne took Harry’s bags while Gemma, Harry’s beautiful sister, took Emma’s things.  Emma hopped on Harry’s back, hugging him tightly as he walked into the house.  Their house was kind of small, but very homey feeling and warm.  Harry let her down, unzipping his jacket and hanging it up on the wrack and helping Emma with hers.  “C’mon.  Let me give you the grand tour!” he smiled, taking Emma’s hand.  She walked with him up the stairs, looking at all the family photos that hung up neatly on the wall.  Emma giggled and stopped staring at a picture of Harry.  His hair was straight, unlike the mass of curls that hang from his head now.  “Awww Harry look at you, so cute! What happened?” she joked, nudging his side.  “Ha-Ha very funny,” Harry smiled, picking her up and wrapping his arms tightly around her.  “This is gonna be your room, which is coincidentally next to mine” Harry winked, leaning against the open doorway.  Emma fell back on the bed, closing her eyes, “I’m still tired” she chuckled, slowly falling asleep.  Harry walked over the the bed, helping her settle in.  “Well I’ll let you rest,  I’ll come back to get you when dinner is ready. Okay?” he whispered, kissing her cheek and turned to walk away.  “Noo.  Come lay down with me” Emma whined, grabbing his arm.  Harry grinned and scooted next to her, getting under the covers and wrapping his arms around her waist and slowly falling asleep.

~~~The Next Day~~~

"Gemma! Are you ready?" Emma called up the stairs, taking out her phone and opening the fifth text message that she has received from her mom.  Her mom was already at the shoot, patiently waiting for her daughter to arrive while Gemma took forever in the bathroom.  "Yes! I'm coming!" she huffed, simultaneously doing her hair while walking down the stairs.  "Alrighty.  Limo's waiting, let's go," she rushed, opening the door and waving good bye to Anne.  Harry was already outside, leaning against the limo, "Took you guys forever," he chuckled, opening the door and allowing the girls to get in first before he settled in.  After the 3 hour drive from Harry's hometown to London, they arrived at the location her mother had given her for the photo shoot.   "Emma!  Finally!  Hurry, get to hair and makeup, quickly," her mother directed, taking her purse and things and ushering her along.  She turned to Harry and grinned, "Nice to see you again Harry, how are things?" she asked, hanging her daughters purse on her chair and grabbing her coffee off of the table.  "Pretty good.  Umm this is my sister Gemma.  She wanted to tag along she-" 

"Is a really huge fan of your work," Gemma smiled, interrupting Harry as she shook Maria's hand.  Maria chuckled, "Oh really?  Thank you so much," she smiled softly, bringing them both over to the trailer where Emma was getting ready.  "Emma?  Almost done?  Need any help?" she asked.  "Nope I'm all set," she yelled back, opening up the trailer door and grabbing her mother's hand for support as she made it down the stairs, holding her gown up above the ground so it wouldn't get dirty.  "Alright love now stand here and close your eyes while I apply the glitter, okay?" Maria smiled, grabbing a bottle and spraying the liquid on her skin, allowing her soft, pale skin to glimmer in the light.  Her mother set down the bottle and helped her to the shoot and stood her on a pedestal.  Emma's long pink chiffon gown blew in the wind as the fan turned to her.  Emma smiled to herself, waiting for the photographer to begin as she fixed her hair and waved at Harry and Gemma.  Gemma grinned, jumping giddily as she waved back.  "Alright now Emma, relax your face and shoulders," instructed the man, his thick French accent almost impossible to decipher.  Emma did as she was told and began her shoot, every once in a while glancing at her mother who stood in the background, taking photos of her own on her cell phone, clearly proud that her daughter was modeling in her clothing line. 
    ~~~Later after Dinner ~~~~
“Here Anne, let me help you with those” Emma offered, taking a cloth and helping her dry the dishes and placing them in the correct shelves.  Anne smiled “Thank you Emma but you didn’t have to.  I could have managed.”  Emma shook her head and continued to dry the wet plates and utensils, enjoying the peace in quiet that hung in the air.  “So I see that you and Harry are getting serious?” Anne spoke, breaking the tension that hung over Em’s shoulders.  Emma shrugged and blushed a dark red, her cheeks changing color, “You can tell?” she asked, slightly embarrassed.  Anne chuckled, keeping her head down, “Of course I can.  And I can also tell that Harry likes you.  A lot.  He falls easily that boy,” she smiled to herself.  Emma dried the last plate and leaned against the counter, watching Harry, asleep on the couch.  “Treat him well...alright?  He’s still my baby,” Anne sighed, leaning her head against Emma’s shoulder.

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