Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


17. Dirty Dancing

Emma smiled to herself as she hopped out of the hot tub and grabbing a towel, wrapping it around her waist.  She walked to the bedroom, her suitcase already emptied and her clothes hanging in the closet.  Emma rolled her eyes, knowing that this must have been Harry’s doing.  She looked through the closet, noticing all of her dresses, shirts and even pants hanging neatly on their appropriate hangers.  She brushed her fingers over the different fabrics until grabbing the dress that caught her interest.  The black dress, adorned with gold designs and small gold beads.  She stripped, grabbing a bra and panties from the bureau below and tossing them on. She slid the dress up her body and zipped in the back, walking over to the vanity mirror and twirled slightly.  She smiled, knowing that this dress would kill Harry.  The tight bottom that made her legs loon lean and long, the billowy top that showed just enough cleavage but not too trashy.  She giggled as she got up from the vanity after she finished her makeup and grabbed her black stilleto like heels, and her bangles before heading out the door.

    “Harry, seriously.  Where are we going?” Emma whined, giggling to herself as Harry pulled her closer and closer to very loud and boisterous club.  The locals were dressed in fancy outfits, long dresses and silk shirts, topped with a drink in their hand. “Just trust me Em. Now come on!” he smiled, bringing her inside and over to the bar.  “Dos disparos de tequila, por favor!” Harry yelled over the counter, taking out his money and handing it to the bartender.  “Harry!  Really? A drink?” she hissed, trying to sound angry, but overwhelmed by giggles.  Harry shrugged handing Emma her shot glass, “Ready? Uno...dos...tres!” he smiled, downing his shot just as Emma downed hers.  Emma coughed, not used to the burn she felt in her throat.  It’s been a while since she drank, since the last time she did she had gotten busted by her own maid.  Harry smiled and kissed her cheek, taking her hand and bringing her to the dance floor, already crowded with other couples, young and old.  Harry took his arm and wrapped it around her waist gently as he took her hand and held it in his.  They both swayed to the soft beat, their feet doing a small tango as they spun around the floor.  “So when did you learn how to dance?” Emma smiled, looking up at him.  Harry blushed, his ears turning a slight pink as he confessed, “Danielle....I planned this all for you a few months ago.  Which explains why I’ve been ‘working’ overtime” he smiled, adding the emphasis on “working”.  Emma smiled and kissed his lips softly, brushing her tongue teasingly along his bottom lip.  Harry grinned and kissed her back, pulling away abruptly and spinning her and pulling her back in his arms, in time with the music.  Suddenly the song changed to a faster beat, the couples already in mid tango.  Emma grabbed Harry’s hand and spun herself in, grinding her bottom against him as she swayed lower.  She pulled out of his grasp and lifted his hands higher, above her head as she spun wildly underneath him.  A few whistles were gained from the crowd as Harry grabbed her dipping her small body back, the top of her head almost touching the ground as Emma’s leg snaked around his waist.  He pulled her back up and tangoed with her, keeping their bodies close as the crowd whistled and hollered.  Harry smiled, grabbing her hand as he twirled her one final time before the song ended, his breath shallow.  “Where did you learn that?” he asked, bringing her back over to the bar and ordering two more shots.  Emma giggled grabbing her drink first and chugging it back, “Me and my mom took tango lessons back in New York,” she smiled, ordering another drink.

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