Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


20. Broken Melody

“Mom?  Mom? You home?” Emma called, shutting the front door and hanging her jacket on the coat hanger.   Emma hiked up the spiral staircase and found her mother in the kitchen, multitasking, as usual.  She smiled, waving, and then returned to her call, bickering in french with the man on the other end. Maria chuckled hanging up the house phone and sighed, “Hey!  I was so glad you called that I made dinner for us!  And then I got that call and just...ARGH.  Wanna help?” she asked.  Emma nodded and pulled up a chair cutting up carrots for her mother’s famous soup. “So how have you and Harry been?” she asked, looking up and adding small pieces of celery inside the bowl.  “Oh um good...very good actually.  He’s been very supportive with the whole school thing and he’s been yeah..” she smiled, adding the carrots in the bowl as well.  Maria stopped cutting, setting her knife down on the table.  “Alright.  What’s wrong?” she asked, crossing her arms.  Emma looked down at her feet, imagining her mother taking the knife and aiming for her head.  “Umm well...something happened,” she started, not able to look her mother.  “  I’m pregnant,” she mumbled, fiddling with her t shirt in her fingers.  Maria sighed, resting her elbows on the counter and hiding her face in her hands, “Oh...Em....” she spoke with disappointment. Emma looked to her mother, tears forming in her eyes, “I’m so sorry, really I am...We were always so careful.  But Harry and I are going to take real good care of it.  I promise,” she assured, taking her mother’s hand.  Maria squeezed her daughters hand and looked up, her eyes filled with tears.  “I know you can, but I just wish you had been more careful and thought about the consequences...” she sighed.  Maria shook her head, “But I’ve given you this talk years ago, and I don’t want to make it sound like I’m angry that you’re pregnant.  I’m happy, I really am,” Maria smiled, grabbing Emma and wrapping her arms around her gently.  “No lets eat...Im starving,” Maria chuckled.  
    ~~~A month later~~
Emma sighed, shutting her laptop and tossing her drawing pad to the end of the bed.  In fear of being too stressed and hurting herself and the baby, Harry made her finish her schooling online, something that she despised the most.  Emma jumped a little, a small knock coming from the door.  She sat up and walked to the door, “Who is it?” she asked,  walking closer to the door and looking out the peep hole.  “It’s Ed, and I came bearing gifts,” he joked.  Emma smiled, opening the door and hugged her friend as tight as she possibly could.  Ed lifted her up slightly and swung her around, laughing as he set her back down on her feet.  “How’s the baby?” he asked, setting the the gift bag down and walking over to the couch and plopping down.  Emma smiled and did the same, resting her feet on his lap, begging for Ed to rub her swollen feet.  “Oh you know, being a baby,” she joked, leaning back as Ed worked his magic on the ball of her foot.  “Harry’s excited you know. He never shuts up about it.  Did you find out if it’s a boy or a girl yet?” he asked.  Emma bit her lip, “Me and Harry wanted to tell you in person’s a girl,” she smiled, sitting up.  Ed grinned, hugging her tightly, “That’s so great,” he chuckled.  Emma grinned then brought her eyes to the bag, “What’s in there?” she asked innocently.  Ed smiled deviously and got up, grabbing the bag and handing it to Emma, sitting back down on the couch.  Emma opened the bag and pulled out the pink and blue tissue paper, smiling as she took out a small ukelele with the words, “Play me a melody,” in Ed’s handwriting.  Emma looked up at Ed, tears forming in her eyes, “There’s one more thing in there, all the way at the bottom,” he instructed.  Emma reached in again and pulled out a small, black velvet box.  She opened it to find a small gold chain shining in the box, a small paper airplane dangling in the middle with a paw print charm right beside it.  “Wow....Ed....this is gorgeous,” she grinned, hugging Ed once more, practically sobbing in his shoulder.  “I’m glad you like it,” he chuckled, hugging her back gently.  She pulled away, closing the box and placing both the presents back in the gift bag.  She talked to Ed for what seemed like hours, laughing as Ed made assumptions of what the baby would look like.  “I bet she’s going to have curls just like Harry, and eyes like yours.  Big and owl like,” he joked.  Emma laughed, shaking her head, “What if my baby came out ginger like you?” she giggled.  Ed shrugged, “I wouldn’t mind that” he smiled.  “You want some tea?” she asked, patting him on the shoulder.  Ed nodded, “Tea sounds great, you want some help?” he asked, starting to get up.  Emma shook her head,”Nahhhh.  Stay here I’ll be right back,” pushing herself off the couch  “Ouch,” she hissed sharply, grabbing her belly and slightly bending over in pain.  “What’s wrong?” Ed asked worried, clutching her elbow and looking to her with wide eyes.  “I don’t know,’s nothing,” she hissed again, forcing a smile.  Ed shook his head, “Doesn’t look like nothing Em,” he huffed, grabbing his phone out of his pocket and dialing Harry’s number.  Emma clutched her belly again, watching as Ed explained to Harry the situation and that he was taking her to the hospital.  Emma looked down, noticing that her sweatpants were stained with blood, “Ed?” she asked worried, her voice shaky.  Ed hung up the phone and turned around, his eyes large, “Oh my god Em,” he spoke, grabbing her just as she fainted and holding her tightly.  He picked her up bridal style and opened the door, carrying her down the stairs and to his car. 

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