Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


19. Bad Milk?

Emma sighed to herself looking blankly down at her drawing pad as her professor dragged his lecture on and on.  “Why did I let Harry push me going into attending college?”  Emma asked herself, tapping her eraser on her chin.  Emma knew the answer, rolling her eyes as she thought of the list of reasons. Harry was thinking of her, and knew for a fact that Emma wanted to go to school for design.  Which was true.  Ever since she graduated from school, the fashion world was something she wanted to pursue.  She wanted to be the one to take over her mother’s clothing line, rather than some corporate scum or a fashion star wannabe.  Emma rubbed her forehead, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach.  Her professor dismissed her last class of the day and Emma was the first to fly out of the room and head to the bathroom in a flash.  She kicked the first open stall she could find and dropped to the floor, emptying her stomach. She jumped as her phone rang in her back pocket, Harry’s ringtone blasting in the school bathroom.  Emma stood up and grabbed her phone, picking it up and answering.  “What’s wrong babe?  You sound horrible” Harry stated over the phone, his voice already full of worry.  “I don’t know... I must have eaten something bad this morning.  I knew something was up with that milk,” Emma coughed, flushing the toilet and opening the stall door.  “How can that be?  I just bought the milk yesterday?  Are you on the way home? Do you want me to come get you?” Harry asked.  Emma bent over the sink, filling her mouth with water, swishing it in her mouth before spitting it out in the sink.  “Babe, I can drive home. I’ll be fine.  I’ll see you soon,” she assured, walking out of the bathroom.  She hung up her phone, tossing it in her bag and walked out to the parking lot which was now, deserted.  Emma unlocked her car door and got inside, starting the car and plugging her iphone into the stereo and blearing her music.  The ride home was torturous.  With every turn and stop, the nausea hit Emma like a ton of bricks.  She parked her car and got out as fast as she could, running into her apartment and ran to the bathroom, emptying her stomach another time.  “Babe?” came Harry’s voice from the living room, the noise of his keys falling onto the counter and his footsteps coming closer to the bathroom.  “Maybe we should bring you to the hospital?  Just incase...” Harry questioned, rubbing his fiancee’s back gently.  Emma shook her head, “No I’m fine babe.  Really---” she stopped, keeling over the toilet once more.  “Yup. C’mon we’re going to the hospital!” Harry stated, running in the living room and grabbing his keys.  Emma got up and washed out her mouth and trudged to Harry who picked her up and brought her to the car.  
    “Pregnant?” Emma asked again, leaning back in her chair, her mouth just as wide as Harry’s.  “Yes ma’am.  About three months or so, and very healthy might I add” smiled the doctor.  Harry looked to Emma, his eyes filled with tears and confusion, “But we were always so careful about those things,” he stuttered slightly.  Emma put her face in her hands, not listening to the doctor as he said his congratulations and walked out the door.  Harry turned to her, kissing her shoulder, “It’ll be fine babe...C’mon. Let’s go home,” he spoke softly, helping her up.  Emma got up, grabbing Harry’s hand and walking to the car.  Emma sat in the car, buckling up and resting her head against the window.  “A baby....I’ve never thought about having a family.  It was always finish school and design....” Emma thought to herself.  “What are you thinking about” Harry asked, taking her hand in his and rubbing his thumb against her skin softly.  “How this happened, what are we going to tell my mother.  The list goes on...”  she sighed.  Harry kissed her hand softly, “Well to be honest. I’m excited.  Aren’t you?” he asked.  Emma shrugged, “I’ve just always wanted to have an education first, and mom had me at a young age.  I just didn’t want something like this to happen,” she cried.  “We’ll just make the best out of it,” Harry smiled, grabbing her chin and looking into her eyes before kissing her lips softly.

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