The Two Vampire Mermaids

This story follow around two girls named Hannah and Emily. How hard is it too be a vampire and a mermaid. Read to find out!!!!!


3. The Lake Girl

After Hannah woke up she decied to go to the lake. On the way down there she saw a girl with brown hair and Blue eyes. "Emily!" Hannah called but she did not answer she just keep running. Hannh decied to follow her to see what she was up to.She was heading to the lake when a waterfall appered. That night Hannah called Emily and asked her where she was after she left her house that night.She said that She went home.The next week came and Emily came over agian. This time when she was in Hannah's room Hannah got a cup and filled it with water really carefully then Hannah poured it on Emily. Emily ran as fast as she could to the bathroom.When Emily came back Hannah asked Emily where she had been as if she didnt know. "In the bathroom" Emily responed confused on why Hannah wanted to know "Well it took you like 20 mintutes to come out of there... what did you do fall in?"Hannah asked her "Yes... No..... Maybe" said Emily. Why all the questions Did Hannah know she was a mermaid? Emily thought to herself. "Hannah is there something you wanna ask me" said Emiy. "nope not at all" Hannah responed. Is Emily on to me? Hannah responed. "Is there anything you wanna tell me" Hannah asked "nope" Emily responed. The next moring Hannah walked Emily home so she would'nt go some where else mysterosy.

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