The Two Vampire Mermaids

This story follow around two girls named Hannah and Emily. How hard is it too be a vampire and a mermaid. Read to find out!!!!!


1. The Discovy

One day I was walking along a path and found a lake. When I decied to get into the lake a waterfall came out of no-where! "well that was werid " I said " I better get home my parnets are probaly worried". When i got home I saw a note on the counter it read 'we went to the beach! we will be back in a week Love mom,dad,and gracie'. "well then I better go take a bath". When I got into the bathtub I noticed something strange. A pink tail! How could this have happened? When I got out I decied to go to the liabery to find a book about mermaids.When I got back home I found a page in that mermaid book that said 'people can change into mermaids when they get in a lake and a waterfall comes out of nowhere'! so thats why I became a mermaid! When my parnets came home they said we were All going to the beach next week with her friend and her family. "Ok, I'll go,but do I have to get into the ocean?" I asked  "yes, why would wego to the beach if we dont go in the ocean?" said my mom.The next week we were at the beach "Hannah, are you sure you dont wanna get in the ocean?" asked my mom "No im gonna go walk on the beach" I answered. When I was walking I ran into a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. "sorry" we said at the same time. At asked her what her name was and she said it was Emily . I then told her mine was Hannah. She asked if she could met my family "sure" I answered. After she met all my family we went home. When we got home I got in the lake where I became a mermaid. When I got it my tail had changed colors ,it was now purple. When I got home I looked in my mermaid book to see why my tail had changed colors. It said 'your tail changes colors every year'. As I was walking to the libery I ran into Emily agian. We talked for a while then I went to the libery.When I was walking back from the Libery I found a braclet that said 'Find the power within you' so I slipped it on and a tingleing senson is what i felt as I put it on but when it was on the tingleing stopped.

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