The Two Vampire Mermaids

This story follow around two girls named Hannah and Emily. How hard is it too be a vampire and a mermaid. Read to find out!!!!!


2. Frezzer Burn

When I woke up the next moring I decied to read my mermaid book I got at the liabery yesterday. It said that on your second week of being a mermaid you would get a power. Your powers could be frezzing water, heating power, or water control. It was my second week today so I decied to go to the lake and see if my power has kicked in agian. When I got there I put my hand over the lake and it frozze. "OMG!I have the frezzing power" hannah said to herself! When Hannah got home Emily was there! "ummm hi Emiy?" Hannah said "Hey Hannah I forgot to tell you that your mom invited to come over and eat with you guys today" Emily said. When everyone started eating it was really quiet untill Emily spilled water all over Hannah. "Ummmm excuse me!" Hannah said while running to the bathroom. It took 20 minutes for Hannah's tail to disapper. When Hannah got back down there the pizza was cold and everone even Emily was done eating."Hay Emily do you wanna stay here gor the night? We would love to have you!" Hannah's Mom asked "I would  love to!" Emily responed. After they got done talking to Hannah's mom and dad they went upstairs to Hannahs bedroom. When Emly entered the room she saw Hannah's mermaid book. "What's This" Emily asked "Nothing.... its nothing" Hannah responed "ok?" Emily asked confused "Yea" Hannah responed. That night Hannah was asleep and Emily got her book and opened it to the first page. She read that you could become a mermaid in a lake when a waterfall came 'out of the blue'. Emiy put the book back up she fell alsleep. After Emiy left that moring Hannah went back to sleep.

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