The last of us

the worlds gone to shit.....
if you get bitten by them your over .. you become one of them.....
but ellie shes diffrent.....


2. what happend?


*ring ring* 

*RIng ring*

 i open my eyes wearly ughhhh.~who could be calling right now~ i thought

i answered the phone 

"hello?" i answered

"niall i left liam in charge is liam there?" said the person

"paul? what time is it?" i said sleepily

"niall i need liam on the phone there's some-..." pauls call was cut off

"paul? paul? hello?" i said trying to get an answer 

i put the phone down. ~that was really weird, i wounder what that was all about~ i thought.

ill go check on the boys and sara

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