The last of us

the worlds gone to shit.....
if you get bitten by them your over .. you become one of them.....
but ellie shes diffrent.....


1. the bands beggining


*door opens*

 i was sleeping and i hear voices coming towards me.... 

"ughhh rough night eh boys?" asked louis

"oh god you bet!" said niall 

"well i dunno about you guys but i will get some food. come with me liam" zayn said punching liam softly on the arm 

"owwieee" liam annoyingly groaned

"some one should wake hazza up" said louis then i heard silace. my eyes were still closed until i felt four big strong arms grab me and throw me on the floor. ~oh no oh no oh no !~ i thought

here it goes i gasped in terror

"TICKLE HIM" screamed louis.

"ahhahahahahahahahahhaha lou lou  nia-all  lou-is stop it!" i pleaded 

i pushed them off 

"IM AWAKE! IM AWAKE!" i yelled getting off the floor and brushing my sweater

"guys its 10:00 we should sleep!" i said yawning 

"hmmm nahhh i will wait for liam and zayn" niall said while yawning 

"mee tooo" said louis 

"okay then good night boys!"

"night night hazza" chimened niall and louis 

i rushed up stairs and checked on sara. she looked so adorable in her sleep oh how much i love my little cousin. shes the only one i have while im on tour. i kissed her on the cheek and layed beside her and fell asleep.


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