The last of us

the worlds gone to shit.....
if you get bitten by them your over .. you become one of them.....
but ellie shes diffrent.....


4. liam whats going on


 calling his name out hoping his voice would break the silence, hoping his palm would to cast between my own sweat drenched hand. i had a bit of giving up and headed towards where zayns voice was at.


i gently pushed the two doors open as harry,niall and louis would gather. we saw zayn standing there he looked at us with wide eyes. the moon shone through the glass door that separated the backyard to the office


once sara opened the door i headed towards the door zayn was looking at, when all of a sudden liam emerged from outside panting and rapidly as he got in shoved the door shut. 

"LIAM!!! "we all yelled 

"WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!?!?!" i yelled angrily 

"its 12 A.M. ans you are out like this??"added louis

liam twitched nervously shuffling on the spot as he looked at us. we were starting to walk towards him to give a hug but then he told us to back off harshly.

"niall im scared" i heard sara say and when i saw she was hugging tightly i eyed him and he nodded i know he'll comfort her 


"STAY BACK" i said firmly 

i stopped and said 

"Are... You...Guys okay?" i asked catching my breath 

"yes" they all answered except louis 

"does crapping my pants and almost crying count?!" louis said weakly

"nope" i replied 

"whoopty doo well that means louehh is fucking feeling alright!"he said sarcasticly 


sara was holding on to me the poor thing was scared and she is doesn't need to.i was glad to see liam but i knew that something was wrong. after he asked us if we were okay he turned around and started to rumage  through the drawers 

"nialler has anyone come in here? " he asked me as he continued lifting a metal case from one of the drawers 

"no" i replied shifting a little to the right 

""who would come in here" asked zayn suspiciously 


I started to walk toward liam when all of a sudden he blurted 

"dont go near the doors!" he yelled 

i shuffled a little to the right and the rest shuffled to the back wards 

"Louis, Zayn, come here" he demanded 

"the rest of you stay back and stand back there" he said coldly

 i hoepe he was joking around 


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