Back for You

Emma is 20 years old and working as an intern at a English newspaper. She thinks her dream job is to be a journalist, but really she just like writing about the celebrities.
One day she get's to interview the british-irish boy-band One Direction, but it doesn't go to well due to her natural clumsyness and bad luck. On one of her worst days ever, a beam of sunshine lays on her, and she gets to meet the boys one-on-one. Can the clumsy, not-so-attractive, celebrity-obsessed girl finally get her chance with the cool guys?


5. Chapter 5

Niall's POV.

I left her sitting in the foyer as I went to make sure the boys were ready; that Harry was ready. I was so excited to introduce her to Harry, again, hoping he wouldn't be as mean to her as last time. I had to be really nice to, to make sure she wasn't scared of coming here. This could be our only chance with a girl like that for Harry. And he really needed it.

"Are you guys ready?" I said as I opened the door to the tv-room where I could always find the guys watching sports.
"Ready for what?" Harry said, but the other boys stopped him.
"Of course, lets go," Liam said, as Zayn almost yelled, "Yes!"
"Let's go then," I said leading the boys into the foyer.

Liam's POV.

As we stepped into the foyer, Emma got up instantly. Her eyes locked at Niall a few moments too many, before she looked at the rest of us. How nice had Niall been to her?

She looked more relaxed this time, and prettier somehow. Her long brown hair was hanging flat down her back, not styled in any particular way. She didn't wear any make-up, doesn't seem like she ever does, but she still managed to look fresh and... pretty every time I saw her. The two times I'd actually met her. 
She wasn't wearing anything over the top. A pair of jeans, a top and a denim-jacket. Simple. 

Niall was the calmest of all of us, expect for Harry who still didn't have any clue about what was going on. I kinda felt bad for leaving him out, but when the whole thing revolved around him, and him not knowing, it was kind of hard not ruining this, if I told him. Louis was keeping a straight face - without smiling, which was really weird, because he always smiled - at least when other people than us were around, so it seemed very suspicious. Zayn was leaning back and forth, trying to stand still, but he couldn't. He was way too excited, but didn't wanna show it. I was having a hard time myself to be quite honest, but at least I felt like I was able to hide it. I was also the first one to speak. 
"Hi Emma, how nice to see you again," I said walking over to her, to welcome her with a hug. She seemed uncomfortable at first, but after a few moments she seems to loosen up, and first then, I let her go. 
"Emmaaaaaa," Louis said in a high pitch voice, too high pitch, but she didn't seem to notice and he dragged her into a hug. 
"Hey Emma," Zayn said almost sounding like his own cool self, and he also hugged her. 
"Hi boys," she said smiling. She looked at Harry who were starring at her, like she was a disease. Louis who had walked back, to stand next to Harry, allowed him in the side, and Harry smiled. 
"Hi Emma," he said waving at her. He forced a smile, clearly having no idea about want was going on. 
"So, Emma, wanna come into the tv-room with us?" I said starting to make my way to the door. 
"Sure," she said nodding, kind of waiting for the rest of the guys to move. She seemed weirdly comfortable around us. Something that I didn't see often. Maybe that's why I liked having her around to much - and why I thought she would be good for Harry. But every time her clear green-ish brown eyes locked on Niall, I wondered just how pleased with the situation she would be, when she found out our true intentions.
We all walked into the tv-room, just to "found out" that Louis and Zayn had to go hang out with their girlfriend. Of course it was all part of our master plane about getting Harry and Emma alone together in the room. 
Emma asked about the interview, and we laughed at it, before we got serious and let her ask some questions. That was the least we could do. 
She looked stressed as she asked us the questions, but she seemed to relax as she proceeded. 
"Thanks guys, I think that's enough," she said smiling big, showing us all the notes she had taken. "I mean, you all were so kind to already answer me of the questions for me," she said and we all laughed. 
"True that," Niall said grinning. Emma's face lit up. 
"Anything want anything to drink?" Harry said looking kind of bored. Incredible. 
Everybody wanted something, and as he got up to get the drinks, I followed him.
"What's up Harry?" I asked trying to sound casual, but it sounded to weird and foreign. I never said that. Guess I was trying to hard.
"Not much, Liam," he said glancing at me under his frowning eyebrows, while he was making the drinks. He thought it sounded unnatural too. I am not a good actor. 
"So how do you like Emma?" I asked, again being too straight forward and not my self.
"She seems nice," he said shrugging. He was lying. Harry was good at lying, but some things always gave him away. Like when he curls his upper lip, just a little bit, or when he itches his wrist. He's like an open book sometimes.
"Cool," I said, not revealing that I knew, that he wasn't really telling me the truth. "Let me help you with that."
"Thanks man," Harry said handing me the whole tray, for me to carry, with the drinks on it. They were really heavy. I almost dropped them. There were only four. 
Harry swung the door open, not carrying to hold it for me, and I had to use my food to kick it open. I didn't say anything, trying not to cause too much trouble. He obviously sensed that something was going on, and it annoyed him that he didn't know.
"Thanks," Niall said as he took his drink, not taking his eyes of Emma who were talking about something I didn't find very interesting. 
"Thank you," Emma said looking at me with a smile of gratitude, as she took her drink off the tray, before she continued her story. After I sat down, their conversation continued for another couple of minutes, before I walked over to sit next to Niall.
I elbowed him in the side, and he looked at me with an surprised look.
"Oh yeah, totally forgot about that. I have to go meet a friend for dinner," Niall said looking at his watch. It was 7:30, I observed as I snuck a look at his watch. Perfect time for a dinner-date.
"Don't wanna let your friend down," I winked at him. Not because of the Emma-Harry plan, but because I knew that he in fact had a date, with a girl that he had fancied for a long time now. He just wouldn't tell me who it was. 
Niall left in a hurry, only waving goodbye to Harry and Emma before he left the house.

Harry's POV.

"Guess it's just us now," Liam said smiling mysteriously looking alternating between me and Emma.
"Guess you're right," I said smiling carelessly. It was obvious that he was up to something. That they all were. Poor girl. She had no idea what she had gotten herself into. I just hope that they wouldn't drag her into all of this. Our lives. She seemed so little, fragile, dull, not near experienced enough to handle all of this. Boring.
Emma smiled too, but she looked really uncomfortable. And I could relate to her completely. The awkward silence was killing me, but just as I was getting up to say goodbye, and go to my room, Liam got up clapping his hands together as he always did before he did something drastic. Like cleaning.
"I'm sorry to inform you guys, that I have to go meet with my friend for a minute, but I'll be back shortly I promise," he said walking towards the door. "But I would love for you to stay around, Emma. I'm sure the other boys are gonna be disappointed if you aren't here when they come back."
"Okay," Emma said, still smiling - wouldn't her cheeks begin to hurt soon? - as she looked at Liam, then at me, and then back at Liam. "I'll stay," she confirmed, and that seemed to be the right thing to say, because on that cue Liam slipped out of the door with a quick goodbye. Amazing how good they were at working together when they were keeping secrets from me; a thing they usually were really bad at. Secrets, that is, not working together. Me, and Zayn maybe, were the only ones who were pretty decent at lying.

Emma looked weirdly at me for a long period of time, as I tried to focus on the game. I kept glancing at her, hoping she would notice and then stop looking at me like that. I couldn't concentrate on the football game.
"I don't know when they're coming back either," I finally said, breaking the silence that had been filling the room for the past 10 minutes. 
"I know," she simply said without looking away. "They didn't include you," she continued. That caught my attention. She seemed too blind to notice that something was going on. I thought I was the only one who had caught on. I guess I had underestimated her. 
"What are you talking about?" I said acting surprised.
"Oh stop it, I know, you know that something's going on. I also know that you have no idea what it is," she said. "I'm a reporter you know. I notice stuff other people might not have."
"Yeah, yeah, cool, but I actually kind of have an idea of what's going on," I said. Lies. I had no idea. But I couldn't be loosing this, whatever this little word-exchange was, to a little school girl. She looked so innocent, yet smart, in a mean way. 
"Oh yeah, and what do you think is going on?" She said smirking. She didn't believe for a second. She was sassy. It surprised me. But I still kept my cover.
"Isn't it obvious?" I said winning my self some time. But that word made it all obvious to me. I suddenly had an idea. "They're setting us up," I said leaning back in the chair, feeling myself relax with a superiorly smile on my face. Nailed it.
She laughed.
"That's ridiculous," she said still giggling, covering her hand with one hand, after a moment. Obviously she didn't believe me.
"Is it? Think about it..." I said, wanting to explain why I thought so, but her facial expression showed me that she'd already putted the pieces together. She was observant. Clever. 
"They could be, couldn't they?" She said looking really surprised. Hurt even, maybe. 
"They sure could. I've seen them work their magic before," I said thinking about the time when they tried to set Liam up with some famous Hollywood actor, because they didn't feel like he appreciated just how famous we were. It never worked between them of course. But he got the message. That meant that if they were trying to set me up with someone, they wanted me to learn a certain lesson from this person. I narrowed my eyes as I studied Emma. What could they possible want me to learn from her? How to study? She was all brains and school. Boring. Everything I'd despised before I went on X-factor. Everything I still despise. 
"That's so... funny," she said bursting into laughter. I looked at her in awe. I thought she would get even more uncomfortable, get upset, maybe even cry, but non of that happened. She just laughed. She laughed until she cried. I couldn't help but to start chuckle myself.

"I have an idea," she said with a weird look in her eyes. She looked like a kid planning a scheme on her parents, but she looked dead serious. Like an adult. She wasn't really as much of a kid as I thought.
"Yeah?" I said moving to the edge of my chair. 
"We could pretend that it worked," she said raising one of her eyebrows. I mimicked her as I tasted her words that was floating in the air. Pretend it worked. I could see where she was going with this.
"What would be in it for me?" I asked. "For you?"
She mumbled but hesitated. I wasn't the only one improvising here.
"You would get the boys off your shoulder for a while, and in the mean time you could get me the exclusive for all your future announcements," she said. She was good. This was almost all in her favor. 
"That doesn't seem fair. I could the boys off my back in other ways," I shot back. 
"Sure you could. For a short while, then they would be back with an even more boring girl than me, and you would have to repeat all of this," she said. Gosh she was good. She got me. I was almost convinced.
"But we can't be together forever. That would suck for both of us. How would we end this, without it being too early and obvious?" I said. Bet she didn't think of that.
"Time will show. We'll have to see if they buy it first," she said. That sounded reasonable. 
"Deal," I said sticking my hand out at her, and she shook my hand. 
The door to the tv-room opened and before I could react, Emma grabbed my other hand with her other hand, and guided it over her wrist.
"And then I want one right here that says, sexy beast," she said making my hand touch her wrist. I looked at her face which was formed into one big grin, as I tried to catch her eyes, tying to see if I could tell from her eyes where she was going with this. She lifted her head, looking me straight in eyes. She looked desperate, but she was hiding it behind a layer of "calm and relaxed."
"Hi guys," Liam voice said behind me. I suddenly became aware of my wide-open-mouth and I hurried to close is, forcing a smile unto my face too.
"You're funny," I giggled, "like you actually would do that in a billion years," I said, as soon as I realized what she had been pretending to talk about. Tattoos for boring little Emma. Perfect. Now it seemed like she had told me something personal that nobody else knew about - or could imagine happen.
"Oh hey," Emma and I said at the same time, as we both looked up at the door. Liam and Niall were looking at us, with eyes that looked very confused, yet excited and victoriously. Their planned had work. Or so they thought. So I had been right. Their intention had been to set us up. Gosh, they could be so ridiculous sometimes. Why did they always think that they needed to save me? I was struggling with some personal issues, and just because I wasn't crying about to the world, like the rest of the guys does, it didn't mean I couldn't handle it. 
"You guys seemed like you were having fun," Niall said as he said down, grinning. His eyes glowed with success. They were so easy to fool.
"Yeah, turns out grey mouse over here, actually have a sense of humor. A good one," I said pointed at Emma. She pretended to look offended as she smiled teasingly. Perfect.
"Grey mouse?" She repeated, sounding upset. I said it before, but I have no problem repeating it: she was gooood. 
"I'm kidding," I said smiling at her, trying to not to sound too harsh. In my the back of my mind I secretly noted to remember the nickname. It kind of suited her. 
"I'm glad to see that you guys are getting along," Niall said, and Liam agreed with a ridiculously big smile. 

We ended up talking some more, before Louis came home - Zayn stayed at his girlfriends house - and Emma decided that it was time to go home. We all said our goodbyes and I too, this time, gave her a hug. That was the first time really touching her, except for the quick wrist touch earlier, and I let myself breath in her smell. She didn't smell of perfume, but she had this natural sweet sense to her. Even after a long day where I bet she couldn't possible have stayed completely sweat-free. She had to pull herself out of our hug, as I got carried away, and I had to do the impossible; fight a blush. I, of course, didn't succeed. Luckily, nobody seemed to notice.
"Bye boys," she said looking at all of us, smiling at me as the last. She had thought this through. She already had all the small details down. She was incredible believable. It almost scared me. She wasn't as ordinary and boring as I had thought. I didn't get a sour taste in my mouth anymore when I looked at her. Maybe this was actually a good thing.
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