Back for You

Emma is 20 years old and working as an intern at a English newspaper. She thinks her dream job is to be a journalist, but really she just like writing about the celebrities.
One day she get's to interview the british-irish boy-band One Direction, but it doesn't go to well due to her natural clumsyness and bad luck. On one of her worst days ever, a beam of sunshine lays on her, and she gets to meet the boys one-on-one. Can the clumsy, not-so-attractive, celebrity-obsessed girl finally get her chance with the cool guys?


4. Chapter 4

I spent Friday night freaking out about Saturday, and spent Saturday morning freaking out about not preparing myself for the interview Friday night. Niall had called me late Friday night, telling me about how we were supposed to meet at a small cafe, Saturday at noon. I was so not ready.

Because of my success with my own questions at the last interview, Maria (my boss, if you forgot) had let me use my own questions, but the problem was I hadn't made any. I couldn't come up with any new questions. Only the basics like: "What is it like being back in the studio?" Or: "What is the new single gonna be about?" And lame stuff like that. My dream about being different and unique was slowly fading away, as it turned out I wasn't as creative as I wanted to be. Which kinda sucked. 

12:00 I stood in front of the café not knowing if I should enter. I had butterflies in my stomach by the thought of getting to see Niall. And the other guys of course. I mean. I got butterflies in my stomach when I thought about seeing One Direction. That's what I meant. Not just Niall alone. Or did I? No, Niall only wanted to see me because of the interview. He clearly thought I had done a good job the last time, so he wanted me to repeat the success. But he hadn't read my article, so how could he know that I didn't trash them in the magazine?
Before I had time to ask myself any more questions I opened the door to café and walked up to the lady standing at the "please wait to be seated" desk. 
"You need a table?" She asked looking quite bored.
"I'm supposed to be meeting someone here," I said all the sudden not knowing what to say. Had he used another name, not to attract paparazzi's or should I just say that I was waiting for somebody, and just waved until he came. I have seen way to many movies. 
"What's your name? She asked, as a smile spread across her face.
"Emma, Emma Wilson," I said confused as she grabbed my arm dragging me into the back of the café. I tried to look disturbed by her sudden act, but on the inside I was freaking out. This was like the movies. So cool!
"He's waiting for you in the back," she said opening the door to a new room. A whole new part of the café opened up, and with only four other tables - empty if I might add -  it was easy to spot Niall who was sitting at the other end of the room, at a table for two. 
"Hi Niall," I said puzzled. Where were the other guys?
"Enjoy guys," the waitress said closing the door behind her. I looked at the door as I realized that I, once again, was having lunch(dinner) with Niall - alone. 
"Hi Emma," he said as his face lit up. I couldn't help but smiling as he got up and pulled out the chair for me.  
"Thank you," I said sitting down, and hanging my purse over the chair. It bumped against floor, with a big bump, and Niall looked worried as he sat down again. 
"That's a big purse you've got yourself there," he said giggling. "Usually girls always have those small wallet-purses, you know. You must have a lot of room in yours," he said pointing at it. My purse was an old, big purse, made out of light brown leather. Quite ugly actually, but I fell love with it, and haven't put it down since.
"Yep, fell in love with it when I discovered I could hide candy in it, when I go to the cinema," I said giggling looking down at it. 
"Amazing, that's exactly why I wasn't a purse, but the boys won't let me. It's too girly, but I don't care, as long as I can hide food in it," Niall said handing me a menu card.
"Thanks," I said as I start to look through the menu.
"Oh wait, you really don't need this, I've already ordered for you," he said taking the menu from me again. I smiled as his eyes were sparkling. He was actually really handsome.
"Thanks," I said speechless. I fell like a little school girl meeting a handsome upper grade class men for the first time.
"So Emma, I never asked you how old you are?" He asked looking quite serious. He looked like he was genuinely interested. 
"I though I was gonna be the one asking the questions?" I said frowning at him with a cheeky smile on my face. "Speaking of that, where is the other boys?"
"I'll let you ask the questions later, but for now, just answer mine," he said and he sounded quite serious.
"Yes sir," I said, trying to lighten the mood, but failed.
"Okay... I'm 20 years old," I said breathing out as I felt another question coming.
"So, what about your education, isn't it quite early to be a intern in first year?" He asked. 
"Yeah, I graduated top of my class, and then when I got into journalist-school, they though I was ready to do my internship after the first semester, so I did," I said all the sudden feeling like I was being interrogated.
"Cool, so you're smart?" He said as if that was a totally normal question to ask somebody. 
"I don't know," I said shrugging, as my smile disappeared from my face. This was getting kind of weird. 
"Do have a boyfriend?" He asked more carefully. I could feel my cheeks turning red. Was he really wondering about stuff like that? 
"Excuse me?" I said. "Isn't that kinda personal?"
"Sorry, but with a pretty girls like you there's always a chance, so I just wanted to know..." He said looking pretty sincere. Did he just say that he though I was pretty?
"I'm kidding, it's okay, and thank you by the way," I said. Was he blushing?
"And no, I don't have a boyfriend," I said leaning over the table, trying, sorry to admit it, to flirt a bit. Maybe I had a chance with Niall. I mean, he just asked me if I had a boyfriend and he did just call me pretty.
"Good," he said smiling at me. It wasn't a flirtatious smile, but I might have been mistaken. I'm never good at telling stuff like that. I'm never really used to flirting of any kind, and I'm not used to thinking anybody was flirting with me really. I was getting way ahead of my self. He probably wasn't even interested in me.
"So, what about your family, where are you from?" He asked. That was a quite personal question. Maybe he did care.
"I'm right here from London," I said, smiling proudly. "Raised by my mum, but I got my own flat now. I've got a younger sister, who still lives with my mum," I explained.
"Where's your dad?" He asked frowning, looking kind of worried. When people ask that question they always suspect some crazy sad story about my dad, but it wasn't really like that with me.
"My parents divorced and he had to move to America to work, but I never really talk to him, and I don't mind, I never was a daddy's girl," I said shrugging. My parents still talk sometimes and so on, but I just really don't have time to talk to him. I mean, I never do anything, but I'm just so tired of drama. I don't wanna make it into something that its not. The divorce wasn't a big deal, so nether was the aftermath. Fine with me. Guess it was meant to be. 
"Okay, fair enough," he said. "I'm from Ireland."
"That's awesome! I've always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland," I said getting all excited. One of my biggest dreams - besides seeing all the rest of the world someday, was to just rent a car and drive around Scotland, just to see the beautiful country. 
"Why don't you go?" 
"I have work and my school, and no money," I said shrugging again. 
"I know the drill, I don't have the time either; got the money, just not the time," Niall said with a "giving-up" grimace.
"That sucks, can't you take some time off?" I asked.
"It's hard. I would like to spent my time off with my family, so that's my first priority," he said shrugging like it wasn't a big deal. Just the natural way of things.
"I understand," I said just as out food arrived. 
"That looks great!" I said surprising myself a bit, but the food really did look great. He had ordered spaghetti and meatballs for us - with our own plate each. We weren't going lady and the tramp here. "I'm like the biggest spaghetti eater in the world," I said almost clapping my hands, but I didn't. 
"I knew that," I thought I heard him whisper, but I didn't say anything. How did he know that? And was that creepy or cute that he had taken the time to find that out. 

We started eating, without talking, which I really enjoyed. I hate talking while I was eating. I love food, and as I said especially spaghetti, and no one should dare trying to ruin the moment, when I was enjoying my food. When I was all done - and Niall was all done, we finally put down the silverware and smiled at each other. 
"That was amazing," I said smiling. 
"Glad you liked it," he said as the waitress took our plates away.
"So, Emma, how did you like the boys?" He asked, changing the mood and the subject completely. It seemed like he was on a mission. This was so weird.
"They were cool," I said frowning as I smiled. 
"They thought you were really cool too. I'm sorry about Harry by the way," he said as he studying my face, waiting to see my reaction, it seemed like. "He was also having a bad day."
"I could kinda sense that," I said trying to smile politely, but I was really confused. 
"I hope he didn't scare you completely away," he said smiling.
"No, of course not," I said, smiling at him again, scared of he would sense that I didn't really mean it, but I didn't wanna hurt his feelings. If I didn't like one of the band members, maybe he wouldn't talk to me at all anymore.
"Great, I'm sorry I didn't bring them today, but they were so worried about you. That Harry had offended you or something," he said. The words were coming out of his mouth so troubled that it almost sound like he was a actor trying not to get the lines wrong. Like he had been practicing it.
There was a awkward silence for a moment.
"But what about our interview?" I almost yelled, getting all worked up. I couldn't return to work without an interview. "My boss is depending on it!"
"Don't worry, we already sat down and answered all the typical questions and I'm gonna email it to you. Oh, and since you were so creative last time we added some special questions, just for you," he quietly, leaning towards me. Just for you. I blushed as those words repeated them self in my head. They had done something special just for me. 
"Thank you Niall, that's awesome!" I said. 
"I'll just get your email from your office," he said. Good thing he'd already thought about that, cause I hadn't. 
"Cool," I said. All the sudden it felt very awkward sitting here with Niall. As if I was a napkin, that he blowed his nose in, and was now ready to throw away. 
"Can we ask for checks? I should probably get going," I said pressing my lips together.
"No, can't we just sit here for awhile? I still wanna know more about you," he said looking at me with a soft look.
"Okay," I said, hesitating, feeling my self loosen up a little bit again. 
"So why did you choose to become a journalist?" He asked. Ups. I couldn't tell them that I only chose this education to meet celebrities. I really, really, really liked songwriting, but had never done anything about, because I though I had to be able to sing, and that's one thing I'm not too comfortable about.
"Um, because a teacher recommended me to do it, he thought I was a good writer," I said. That wasn't a complete lie. My teacher had encouraged me to try journalism because of my writing skills. Kinda where I got the idea of it. The celebrity-watching stuff came afterwards.
"Cool," he said and I let out a sigh. "But it's not your true passion," he continued. Was I that easy to read?
"Um, no," I confessed looking into my lap. 
"That sucks, I'm sorry," he said also looking down to his lap.  I was expecting the whole follow-your-dreams speech, but apparently he didn't care for that. Okay. Maybe I was over analyzing the situation. 
"Sorry, can I just take this?" He asked as his phone rang. 
"Sure," I said, giving me a chance to check my own phone. Nope, nobody had tried to get a hold of me. Like always. 
"Hi mate... Yeah, the food was great," he said. Did he just look at me when he said food.
"Yeah, the waitress was all up for it," he continued, stretching waitress. Okay, I swear he just looked at me again when he said that. 
"Sure, what time?... Okay, great! See ya, bye!" He said and then hanging up.
"What was that all about?" I asked. It just slipped out. I had decided not to ask, because after all I am just a reporter, I'm don't really have the right to ask about his personal phone calls. 
"Oh, it was just Zayn, he asked if you wanted to do an actual interview tonight. We might not all make it, but then you can actually get to ask one questions, if you have any," he said teasingly winking at me. Good thing he didn't know, that I actually - once again - didn't have any questions. 
"Sure," I answered. "Where do you wanna meet this time?"
"We were wondering if you wanted to come to our flat. We kinda feel like having a night home just chilling for once," he said smiling.
"Then maybe I shouldn't come over. I mean, I don't over interrupt your personal life," I said. "I am after all just a reporter."
"Emma, that's totally fine. We need a breath of fresh air for once, and I think that the guys kind of wanna be your friend. We don't meet that many people, our age, any more, that are so down to earth as you are," he said smiling, putting his hand on my hand, that was resting on the table. I looked at our hands, then looked into his eyes, trying to figure out exactly what that gesture meant. 
"Okay," I stuttered.
"Wanna come home with me right now?" He asked glancing at the waitress to to her that we were ready for our checks.
"Sure," I said. "That would save me a lot of money for transport," I said and smiled to myself without looking at Niall. I didn't know if money "jokes" were funny, when you had endless amounts of them.
"True that," he said smiling as he received the check book. I giggled at the American expression. 
As the waitress left I realized that I hadn't gotten my check. I was not gonna let Niall pay. 
"Excuse me, where's my check?" I almost yelled after the waitress. 
"The gentleman only requested one check," she said looking at Niall who where smiling at me like I was stupid.
"No way I was gonna let you pay for your own food," he said putting way too much money in the book. Guess if you had the money, it wasn't such a big deal.

We left the café walking straight into the back seat of a car. Niall told the driver, "home" and the car started driving. After five minute we arrived at a pretty normal looking flat. It was surprisingly close to my flat. Only five or six blocks away. 
"Welcome to our flat," he said opening the door from me. From the outside it looked pretty .. Normal as I said, but from the inside it was magnificent. It was over top beautiful, but in a down to earth earth - and boyish way if I might add. 
I gasped as I realized where I was. I was in One Directions personal flat. 

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