Back for You

Emma is 20 years old and working as an intern at a English newspaper. She thinks her dream job is to be a journalist, but really she just like writing about the celebrities.
One day she get's to interview the british-irish boy-band One Direction, but it doesn't go to well due to her natural clumsyness and bad luck. On one of her worst days ever, a beam of sunshine lays on her, and she gets to meet the boys one-on-one. Can the clumsy, not-so-attractive, celebrity-obsessed girl finally get her chance with the cool guys?


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV.

"Like I'm not even kidding, she is so cool," I said trying to get Harry's attention. The other boys had agreed with me. They thought Emma was pretty cool, after last week's meeting, but Harry seemed kind of depressed these days. He hasn't enjoyed himself just a little bit at the interview. Staying with his family for four days seemed to help, but not a lot. As soon as we were back together, he was back in his "cave". It had been two days filled with Harry's depressing comments and negative feedback, and it made it really hard for us to write our new single.
"I guess," Harry said not really meaning it. "I mean, I don't even know her, she seemed pretty boring."
"Gosh, what is up with you? You really suck to be around," I said, surprising myself of how harsh my tone was. Harry, and everyone else, looked at me with a surprised look. We almost never talked to each other like this. 
"I'm sorry man, it's just frustrating to see you like this," I said shaking my head in an apology. 
"It's okay..." Harry said still looking a bit surprised, but was cut off my Zayn.
"I'm sorry to say it mate, but he's kinda right, you've been acting really weird lately, it's really slowing all of us down," Zayn said walking over to sit next to Harry. He put a hand on his shoulder as he looked at him trying to show him that he meant it in a good way. Harry most of all looked offended. 
"Is that how you all really feel?" Harry said. "Then what about trying to back off for once?" He almost yelled throwing himself backwards in the couch. I looked at the other boys in awe not knowing how to react. Was he serious?
"I've tried changing things up, I brought Emma in. She seemed to brighten everybody's mood, except for yours," I stuttered looking at the other guys, who nodded in agreement. I wasn't sure how this statement was gonna make things better, but it was better than nothing.
"I don't see why, she was a reporter, and well, I though she was pretty boring and... Ordinary," he spat out the last word as if it was poison. We all looked at him like he was crazy.
"Harry, I think that was what we all really liked about her. She wasn't some famous gold digger who was just trying to get out attention," Liam said, pulling over a chair to our 'circle'. 
"She was a reporter for Christ sake, she's gonna go write an article for everybody to see, with all the stuff you guys were talking about. I'm glad I didn't tell her anything about me," he said looking disgusted by the thought of her. 
"Even I could tell that she's not gonna use us like that, and I'm usually the critical one. She seemed really genuine and sweet," Liam said. Harry still wasn't convinced and with a "bye" he left the room, walking into the recording booth. We all sat in the recording studio right out side the recording booth, trying to come up with ideas for our new single, but writing a new "happy, carefree, fun song" as Simon described it, was really hard with a joy killer like that. There wasn't gonna be a party in this studio any time soon.  
"What are we gonna do?" I said sighing. 
"I don't know, I even went to his place last night before we came here, to see how he was doing, but I don't know how to make it better. I don't even know what's wrong," Louis said looking really upset. Even though Louis had gotten more mature over the last year, he still never failed in cheering anybody up with his goofiness. That was until now. 
We all looked at each other with no clue on how to solve this. That was until Zayn's face all the sudden lit up. 
"Okay, so what's one thing Harry loved, besides family, friends and fans?" Zayn said. We all looked at each other confused, but answered as we all knew the answer.
"Girls," we said at once, hesitating. Where was he going with this?
"And what's one thing he's really bad at when it comes to girls?" He continued. We all looked even more puzzled than before, until it came to all of us. 
"Keeping them," we said. 
"But he's always happy when he's with girls, so we just need to find someone who would wanna stick with him for more than two months..." Louis said finally realizing, where Zayn was going with this.
"And as I think fame has finally gotten to him, I think he need someone a bit closer to earth," Zayn said smiling this big mysterious smile. 
"Emma," I whispered imagining Harry and Emma walking down the street together hand in hand. That would be perfect for him.
"Yes!" Zayn said all excited and other guys started to cheer along excitedly too. Harry and Emma was still walking down the street together smiling at each other, in my mind, but then all the sudden he realized who she was, and disgusted grimaces spread on both on their faces and they disappeared in a big dramatic blur. 
"It would never work, he would never agree to it," I said feeling really disappointed. It would never ever work. In a million years. He would hate it. We couldn't do that to him.
"We'll make it work," Zayn said smiling big and the boys getting all excited.
"It's worth the try," I said getting up with Liam's help. We all turned to look at Harry, all with excited smiles on our faces, who were sitting in the booth, writing something on a napkin
We could make it work. We had to make it work. 

Emma POV.

"Goofy boy-band got both legs planted good in the ground"
By intern-reporter Emma Wilson
"Everybody knows that the boy-band One Direction is known to be a bit different that all the other boy-bands before them, but it actually turns out that under all the goofiness (and fame) is five very polite and decent, normal guys. Guys who dreams about a world where stardom, their fans and a normal life all could co-assist.  
With fans, that all five of them adore, it is hard to live a normal life, where relationships and friends can be kept private and not being messed with every other minute.
When I asked the guys how it was to travel the world, without really seeing anything because of the crowds of photographers and fans following everywhere, the boys said that of course wasn't it always fun, not being able to see all the cool stuff, that everybody dreams to see, when you finally get the chance to get there, but they assured me that they really wouldn't trade it for anything else. Ever. One Direction love their fans than any other celebrity I've ever heard of, and it kind of surprised how sincere and serious they were about this. There were no kidding or joking in their eyes when they talked about their appreciation of the fans and how much love they sent out to them everyday. 
"We are where we are today because of them. Without them we would be nothing. As a wise man once said, 'it was the fans who decided how big this and was gonna be' and I think that is so true," Harry told me. 

"I like it. It's touching and... Different. How did you got so much out of them at a press conference. That's almost unheard of," my boss said as she read my article. There was more to it than what's she just read out loud, and I was actually kind of proud it. I wrote it in a week and I was so busy trying to figure out how to fit all the info from the interview in one article, that I totally forgot to tell my boss that I got an extra interview. 
"Uh you see, I kind of got an..." I started explaining but my boss' phone cut me off. Her phone was ringing.
"Hold that thought for a moment," she said as she turned around to answer the phone. "Yes, you are talking to Maria Hampton from the Daily Paper, entertainment section," she said obviously being annoying, as she smiled superiorly.
"Yes, our intern Emma Wilson is with me," she said looking at me frowning. I frowned too. Nobody ever called me at work. Especially not on my boss' phone.
"Yes you may talk to her, just give me second with her first," she said moving the phone from her face, covering the microphone with her hand.
"What happened last week?" She said smiling excited. Puh, I thought she was gonna be mad.
"What?" I whispered confused.
"At the press conference!" She said curious. 
"I was kind of having a bad day last Wednesday, so bad that I accidentally went into the men's bathroom, where I met Niall Horan from One Direction, and then I started complaining about my day, and he asked if I wanted to get an extra interview after the conference," I said as fast as possible, thinking it would be easier just to get it out. You know, like ripping a bandaid off. I was still expecting to get yelled at, but she still smiled like a crazy person. 
"Wait, what questions did you ask them?" She said all the sudden looking all serious.
"Um, my own," I said, almost whispering. Now I was diffidently getting yelled at.
"That's sweet Emma! I'm so proud of you! Way to go! I might have to send you out to other conference if that's how it goes every time," she said turning around so she was facing her desk instead of me.
"Go pick it up at your desk," she said pointing at the phone.
"Here you go," she said to the person in the phone hanging up.
"Oh, now," I said, realizing that I would have to run over to pick up the phone, before the connection broke. 

"Hi," I said, when I picked up the phone.
"Is this Emma?" A female voice asked me. 
"Yes," I said and all the sudden a lot of noise appeared on the line. 
"Hi Emma!" An excited voice yelled.
"Who is this?" I asked confused. I couldn't recognize the voice.
"It's Niall! How are you doing?" The voice said. 
"Niall! Hey! I'm doing pretty good, how about you?" I said surprised trying to figure out why Niall would be calling me at work. No wait, why he would be calling me at all. 
"I'm fine thanks, soooo... What have you been up to?" He asked hesitating. 
"You know, writing an article, twice the length of what it was supposed to be, because of you guys," I said smiling to my self. This was so odd.
"Funny, actually, I would like to talk to you about just that. I was wondering if you would like to do a follow up interview with me and the boys about being back in the studio?" He asked. I was in shock. Two interviews in two weeks. What was going on?
"Sure," I stuttered. "When?" I said looking back at my boss. She had the phone to her ear, and when she caught me looking at her, she smiled awkwardly putting the phone down, but I simply shook my head and gave her a thumps up. She nodded eagerly and gave me a thumps up back, picking up the phone again. 
"What about tomorrow?" He said. 
"But that's a Saturday," I said, immediately regretting it. Like I had any plans on a Saturday anyway.
"Is that a bad day for you?" He said sounding concerned. I quickly shook my head, and then realizing that he couldn't see me. I looked back at my boss, who were shaking her head trying to tell me to say no, and so I did. 
"No, sorry, that day is perfect," I said all the sudden getting really nervous. 
"Perfect, I'll call you later with some more information. Can you text me your private phone number?" He asked, starting to tell me his phone number. I felt a weird kind of tickling in my stomach, by the sound of Niall's voice asking for my number. He really wanted to see me. I suddenly felt uncomfortable knowing my boss was listening to the conversation. I looked back at her, wanting to tell her to get off the phone now, but pleasantly, she had already put the phone down, smiling at me proudly. 
"Thanks Emma, talk to you later," he said. 
"Bye, see ya," I said hanging up the phone. I slowly walked out to my boss' desk again and we smiled in triumph at each other.
"I might have to give you a raise," she said putting her legs on the table.
"That is if I was actually paying you," she said winking at me, as I smiled at her. 
"Maybe you should start doing that," I said, well aware that you can't pay an intern. I walked back to my desk glowing. I was being requested by Niall Horan himself to do a follow up interview. Little me. The intern. I guess the rest of the office could sense it, because everybody was looking at me as I walked back to my desk. Oh yeah, my luck had finally turned around. 

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