Back for You

Emma is 20 years old and working as an intern at a English newspaper. She thinks her dream job is to be a journalist, but really she just like writing about the celebrities.
One day she get's to interview the british-irish boy-band One Direction, but it doesn't go to well due to her natural clumsyness and bad luck. On one of her worst days ever, a beam of sunshine lays on her, and she gets to meet the boys one-on-one. Can the clumsy, not-so-attractive, celebrity-obsessed girl finally get her chance with the cool guys?


2. Chapter 2

I guess it started when I was young. My mom was always obsessed with the royals and I kind of just went with it, and then when I grew up, I loved looking at the gossip magazines when I was waiting in line at the grocery store with my mom. And what teenage girl doesn't dream about marrying the hot guy from the movies or the new popular singer? I've always been one of the girls who watched a lot of movies and tv-shows and then go to Wikipedia to learn everything about my new favorite actor. That's just always been me.

So when I, after the press conference, went around the stage to meet with Niall Horan himself I can't say that I didn't think like an obsessed teenage girl. How would you feel if you were about to meet the famous Niall Horan? And the rest of the One Direction band? I was freaking out. Of course first of all because I legit had to talk to them. Based on the information I'd read about them before I came, and the few videos I looked up on YouTube, the boys were pretty cute, and pretty darn talented. 
I was standing by the entrance to the backstage area and I could hear chatter on the inside. All the sudden Niall's head popped out of the entrance, and he was clearly looking for someone.
"There you are, come in!" He said waving his hand at me. 
"Oh, thanks," I said awkwardly and surprised, and before I knew of it, my feet were moving towards him. He held the door for me as I walked into the small hall way. I looked around the room which didn't look like much, but as soon as I was all the way trough the door, Niall went to open another door, and told me once again to come with him. 
"Hey everybody, this is ..." Niall said from behind me, and an awkward silence followed until I realized that he didn't knew my name. 
"Oh, my name is Emma Wilson and I'm an intern at the Daily Paper," I said, trying not to choke on my words. I looked at all the boys, taking my time studying each on of them closely. Who knows when the next time's gonna come that I get to sit alone in a room full of hot boy-band boys?
"And I promised her, that she could ask us some extra questions, because her luck wasn't really with her today," Niall said walking over to the couch sitting down in between Harry and Liam. I looked around spotting a chair placed by the end of one of the couches, and went to reach for it. 
"Hi Emma," they all said and waved at me. I smiled and waved back.
"You can have this spot, I'll take the chair," Liam all the sudden said, but before I could protest he had already gotten up. 
"No, I'll take the chair, really, it's okay," I said shaking my head. 
"No, you're our guest, and it would look stupid if I sat down again," he said grinning, walking over taking the chair, basically, out of my hand. 
"Okay," I muttered making my way over to Liam's spot. I sat down next to Niall and tried to make myself comfortable, but when I realized how awkward the silence was, I panicked. At the press conference the boys has taken the lead, because there were hundreds of reporters to manage, but now there was only me, and usually the reporter started the conversation. That much I knew about being a journalist. 
"Okay boys," I said looking at my notes. The questions my boss and I had written down together was already answered at the press conference, so basically I had no questions. I mean, I had my "personal" ones that I'd always dreamed of asking celebrities, but there was no way I was not gonna get in trouble with my boss, if I, the intern, asked these to One Direction without permission.   
"Yes," they all said at the same time.
"I... I," I stuttered, blushing as I looked at all the boys who were all starring at me. Fart. This was bad.
"I have a problem," I confessed. 
"What seems to be the problem?" Louis said. I couldn't see if he was worried on my behalf or simply amused. 
"I don't have any questions to ask you," I said, not even trying to hide how stupid I felt. I simply smiled and shrugged. 
"Don't tell me I brought you all the way into here for nothing," Niall said now moving to the edge of the couch. I looked at him to see if he really was upset, but instead an amused smile spread all over his face. 
"I'm sorry," I said. "I mean, I have some, but my boss'll get pissed if I ask you these questions," I explained smiling by the thought of the ridiculousness of even thinking about doing this. 
The boys faces lit up.
"Try us," Louis said, Niall and Zayn nodding along.
"Should I?" I said smiling looking at all the boys. It was tempting. I mean, I might as well try to brighten this day a little bit. A side from meeting One Direction, it had been a really shitty day.
"Let's do it," Niall said, and all the boys moved to the edge of their seats. Niall winked at me, and I smirked back at him as I gathered my stuff and got up. 
"What are you doing?" Liam said looking at me as I walked across the room. 
"I might as well get comfortable," I said looking around for an extra pillow. "Here we go," I said getting a small version of a fatboy that was hiding in the corner of the room, and dragged it to the couches, and Liam's chair. When I reaches my destination I slapped my butt into the big comfortable seat. Oh yeah.
"That's a first," Zayn said and looked at me like I was really odd. But then he smiled at me, and I didn't feel totally stupid. 
"I like it," Louis said making him self comfortable on the couch. I looked at all the boys, and everyone, except for Harry, looked pretty excited. It was amazing how relaxed I felt. I actually didn't feel that nervous. Maybe I would be able to enjoy this little session, without being totally nervous. I had feared I would freak out, like cry and scream and so on, if I ever met a celebrity, especially five cute ones like these boys, even though I'm not really the girl who screams and cries. But I guess you never really know what's gonna happen, until it really happens. 
"Let's do it," Liam said clapping his hands together ones. 
"You ready Harry?" I asked Harry, not knowing it would bring him out of his trance. I didn't even know he was in a trance. 
"What!" He said looking confused at the boys. 
"Are you ready?" Niall asked, elbowing Harry in the side. 
"Yeah, sorry, you can begin," he said smiling distinctly at me and then quickly looking down at the floor. I guess I wasn't everybody's type. 

A while into the questions I felt like I had a couple of special questions, but no matter how much better than Kardashian's I thought the questions were, they seemed so cliché, you know, over used. At least we were having a blast. Because of the relaxed environment, my questions led to private discussions between the boys, and I had a hard time keeping up with writing all the information down. At one point I just stopped trying and just sat there and listened. 
"So how is it not being able to be 'normal' tourists, now that you finally went to America?" I asked trying to stop laughing after the last comment Louis made. 
"Kinda sucked. But I mean, we got to perform for all the fans," Niall said with a grin. The other boys agreed, some smiling, some not. 
"Come on! Is that all I get?" I complained looking teasingly at each one of the boys. 
"What do you mean?" Harry said looking directly at me for the first time tonight. 
"I mean, did you never dreamed about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, or take pictures of Mount Rushmore, or going on all the crazy roller coasters in Six Flags?" I said, naming some of my own personal goals in life. I've always dreamed about going to America.  
"Sure, and we do get to do some of those stuff, but usually we're followed by cameras and, or fans, so I guess it not really the same," Zayn said, but was cut off by Harry.
"We love the fans very much, and we still haven't quite realized that they're really all there for our sake. To support us and cheer us on.  I don't mind traveling with our fans. It's a part of the job I love very much," he said firmly without a hint of any emotion, but deep caring and seriousness. I suddenly felt like I had insulted him greatly and I felt bad. I did not feel like he liked my presence at all, and I all the sudden felt like an intruder.
"Wow, okay, I understand, I'm sorry... I mean," I stuttered. I didn't know if I should be sorry, or what actually just happened.
"It's okay, I actually think its time for all of us to head home. We were suppose to leave a half an hour ago," Liam said, putting the chair back at its place, starting to clean some soda bottles up around the room, that we had all been drinking during the interview. 
We all got up, and I started saying my goodbyes, surprisingly getting hugs from all of the boys. Harry shook my hand, not even looking in my eyes, and I started to find him very rude. He always sounded like he really didn't like me. Fair enough, but he could at least be nice. 
Niall came up to me, leading me out of the room. 
"My flight doesn't leave until another two hours," he said as he opened the door, out of the backstage area. 
"What are you gonna do in the meantime?" I said frowning. It was almost 9:30, and he still had to wait another two hours, while all the other boys went home to see there families.  
"I was gonna grab some food, or maybe just some coffee. Wanna come?" He said, trying to sound casual, but it was kind of awkward. We didn't really know each other, and he was, well, him, you know, famous and stuff, and I was me. Not famous, and not nearly cool enough to hang out with somebody that was famous. Gotta admit I was fangirling a bit. Oh well.
"Sure," I said, well aware that I had to have a rough draft of the interview ready for tomorrow, and with the extra 'interview' I had a lot more stuff to write down. 
"Great," he said showing me his big beautiful smile. It almost blinded me. I managed to smile back at him, as we made our way out of the conference building. 

We sat down at a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that he pointed out. He asked me about being a reporter and how we could make ourselves chase celebrities like we do.
"First of all, I'm a journalist. The bastards chasing you guys down the streets is the photographers we pay to take pictures of you. It kind of make us responsible, but not every single reporter specifically. For example my boss understand the importance of the pictures, but she also see how brutal the paparazzi's can be, so she tries to limit the use of them, and only hires people she knows and trust," I explained. 
"She sounds pretty cool," he said and then ordering some drinks for us. Surprisingly enough this wasn't really awkward at all, and I actually felt my self relaxing and enjoying the time with Niall. 
"She is petty cool," I said smiling by thought of my job. My boss was pretty cool, but other than that, the job really just was... Boring. That was until now of course. I looked at Niall. He was smiling as he studied the menu and I caught myself smiling. This was pretty cool, hanging with Niall Horan of course, not looking at the menu. 
"How's your "job"? How is to work with four other boys your own age?" I asked trying to keep the conversation from being all about me. To be honest my life was quite boring. I mean, I started an education I basically chose based on my wishes from when I was 14 and my biggest wish was to meet Justin Timberlake. On Friday night I usually sat in my own little flat, watching sobby Nicholas Sparks movies with a bucket of ice cream. I mean occasionally I upgraded to some M'n'M cookies, but that was basically it. My idea of a party outfit was new jeans and a sparkly t-shirt. Not even. I hate sparkles. Love simple. Simple should be my middle name. 
"Oh man, I love what I do. It's amazing! I'm so lucky!" He said smiling. Of course, like I was  ever gonna get anything else out of these boys. I might as well accept that they just really loved what they do. 
"The boys seems like fun. I bet it's never boring on the road," I said grinning thinking back on out little private session. 
"Never a dull moment," he said looking at the menu again. I finally glanced at the menu, but I already knew what I wanted. I was having whatever he was having. Not in a creepy stalker way, I just really didn't know what any of the weird names on the menu meant, so I was just gonna follow his lead. 
"Ready to order?" Our waitress came up to our table again, not taking her eyes of Niall at any time. I was waiting for her to ask all the questions you're supposed to ask when you meet a celebrity in an unexpected place. "Is it really you? May I have your autograph?" And so on. But she didn't. She looked excited, but she kind of kept her ease. 
"Sure, I would like a number 3," he said handing his menu to the waitress. "I can't pronounce the actual name," he whispered to me as he leaned over the table a bit, to get closer to me. I laughed lightly, I knew what it was like.
"I'll have the same," I said handing her my menu, and she barely looked at me. 
"I'll be right back with some snacks while you wait, Nate," she said with a big smile before leaving the table. 
"My name's Niall," Niall said, shaking his head smiling goofily.
"I'm sorry, I tough I heard her call you Nate, my bad," she said turning around, putting a hand on Niall's shoulder. Then she left.
"My name sounds nothing like Nate," he said laughing at her and I tried to contain my laughter.
"She was totally flirting with you," I laughed quietly, making sure the waitress couldn't here me. 
"You think?" He said, not sounding excited at all. "Nah, she wasn't."
"Yeah she was, she didn't even look at me. I'll be amazed if she actually bring back 2 number 3's" I said still giggling. 
"Should I get her number?" He asked starting to look a bit excited.
"Sure," I said, if you want a crazy fan on your hands, I though to my self.
"No I won't, she doesn't seem very nice and kind, you know, kinda rude," he said shrugging, taking a sip of his coke. I nodded, pulling the straw out you my soda, so I could drink directly out of the cup. I hated straws. 
Niall started grinning and I giggled. I hated being different, that meaning I hated taking the straw out of the cup, because nobody else was doing it, but I really hated straws.

I turned around holding one hand on the knob, to signal that this was it. Niall smiled big as he stood there right in front of me. 
"I had a lot of fun," he said.
"Me too," I said smiling. This whole situation was weird and I didn't know what to make out of it. "Go catch your plane!" I yelled giving him a light push. 
"Okay, okay, you're right," he said grinning, moving a bit to much just for the little push I gave him. "I'll catch ya next time I'm in town, it was really nice hanging out with you!" He said as he ran to his cap.
"Bye Niall!" I said and waved at him before I went into my flat. Home at last.

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