Back for You

Emma is 20 years old and working as an intern at a English newspaper. She thinks her dream job is to be a journalist, but really she just like writing about the celebrities.
One day she get's to interview the british-irish boy-band One Direction, but it doesn't go to well due to her natural clumsyness and bad luck. On one of her worst days ever, a beam of sunshine lays on her, and she gets to meet the boys one-on-one. Can the clumsy, not-so-attractive, celebrity-obsessed girl finally get her chance with the cool guys?


1. Chapter 1

When she handed me the coffee over the counter, I grabbed it without a second thought. Bad idea. I tried to run to the table to put it down, but didn't make it, and before I knew of it, I dropped the freshly made HOT coffee all over the café floor. Literally everybody in the little, busy coffee shop stopped what they were doing and looked at me. 
"Sorry," I stuttered and looked embarrassed down at the mess I'd made. 
"I'll clean it up," I told the waitress coming to dry it up. She shook her head with a little smile saying that I'd probably done enough for the day. I still felt bad though, so I grabbed some napkins and started drying it up by myself, until the lady looked at me again. 
"Ms, I'll take care of this. Why don't you go get a new coffee?" She said and pointed me towards the counter. 
"No it's good, I'm sorry, I'm... I'm gonna go," I said stumbling out of the café. Through the embarrassment I stumbled in to a tall guy and I fell to the ground. 
"I'm sorry," I said again, trying to get up, but I slipped in some coffee (probably my own) and I fell again. The tall man helped me up, asked if I was okay, but I just got out of the store as fast as I could. It wasn't even 8 o'clock in the morning and this was about my 4th minor accident. I guess it was just one of those days.

London was cool in September and I tightened my coat around me as I walked to the train station. With my luck I was probably gonna miss my train, so I decided to walk a bit faster, trying to catch a earlier train, just in case, and of course, I was almost hid my a hurried cap. I got to the station just as the train arrived and I hurried on to the train. I sat next to a couple of teenage girls, probably going somewhere fun, instead of going to their internship at the daily paper, on this sunny Wednesday. They giggled, listening to music, but all the sudden they looked up and started screaming. I looked up too, to find that they had installed new tv-screens all over the train, currently showing the news.
"Steph, look! They're coming back!" Screamed on of the girls and they both started whining.
"OMG, we totally have to go find them," said the other one, probably Steph, and took the other girl's hands, before they both started screaming even more. I looked at the screen again and saw five boys smiling at the camera on the red carpet, with thousands of photographers snapping pictures of them. "One Direction returns to the UK after their first American tour," the head line said, below them, on the screen. 

"... Press conference's tonight. Anybody wanna have it?" My boss said as I walked in the door. 
"Not me," muttered everybody in the room. They were all a bunch of 40-year-old gray, office mice, only gifted with the god-knows-how-old London humor. 
"What press conference?" I asked as I hung my coat. 
"One Direction is talking about their tour before going to their homes tonight. Wanna take it?" My boss asked. 
"Sure," I said. I mean, haven't heard much of them before, but they looked pretty cute and they were apparently celebrities, which kind of is one of my weaknesses. That's why I chose the gossip/entertainment part of the paper to work in. A lot of celebrity watching.
"Good for you, I think they're around your age too," my boss winked at me. 
"Then it might be, that our newbie finally can get a boyfriend," one of the younger, but still old, men said. 
"Hey! Stop picking on the intern," my boss said slapping a folder full of information on my chest. 
"You're sure you're ready for this? I mean it's your first time on your own..." My boss said quietly as she leaned against me. 
"Sure, I mean, how hard can it be?" I said shrugging my shoulders. 
"Great," said my boss as she walked back into my office. My colleague winked at me, and I stuck my ting out at him. Being the kid at the office, I might as well stay in character. 

The sun had gone away and the big, gray clouds, my biggest fans, hung low over London. 
"Please don't cry," I whispered to the clouds, as they started to growl, thinking about my mud-brown (not the rich, dark kind of brown, but the dry, grey-ishhair, boring kind of brown), that I only spent an hour curling before I left my house. I carefully pulled my hood over my hair, because when it comes down to it, I really don't trust the clouds, and then hurried down to the train station. I sat on the train between two rather big English men, that had a smell of beer and bars hanging around them. Luckily my train ride tonight wasn't too long. First oz. of luck for the day. 
I walked up to the center, where the conference were held, just as Kim Kardashian, as I call her, pulled up in her silver Porsche. I don't know much about cars, but I know that that's a really nice car, so nice that a reporter like her can't pay for it. Lord knows where she gets her money from... Like Kardashian. Also, even though she probably weighed more than me, the extra weight was in all the right placed and made her looked like a curve-God, which usually meant she always caught the boys attention. She's always done that. We went to school together (still kind of do, we're just doing out internships) and she always been my biggest competition. I sometimes beat her on job, but with boys she always take the lead.
She smirked at me as she gave her car keys to the valet-staff and marched in the doors in her 6-inch heels. I gave her a polite smile as I tilted my head a little bit following her with my eyes as she walked in the door. Gosh, I hated girls like that. I walked into the building smiling at the greeter as I showed her my pass. I walked down the hallway into the big conference room. I was early. Only me, Kardashian and Tom. Tom was also an old, big, ugly, sweating, English man, who always was the first on the spot - even if it wasn't breaking news. He usually spent the waiting time informing me about his two teenage girls, whom he was very proud of. 
"Hello Emma. How are you? Did you escape the rainy weather or did you march right through it?" Tom said walking toward me. 
"Kind of walked right through it," I said showing him my raincoat which were dripping water all over the floor. 
"I was on the phone all the way over here because my girls wanted to make sure I got some autographs from the boys. They love them! Who would've known?" He said, totally changing the subject as always. And of course, to something about his girls. 
"That's great Tom, but I gotta go find a seat, don't wanna miss out on the good spots," I said, smiling politely, but hurrying away from him, to find a seat in the front row. 
There was a long table with five chairs set up, and a water bottle and a microphone at each seat. 10 chairs was lined in the first row, and I ended up sitting at the fourth from the right, just kind of waiting there getting my stuff ready. A couple of minutes later Kardashian walked in front of me, greeting me with a nod. 
"Emma," she said without smiling. 
"Hi Kim," I said trying to smile at her. I failed. And yeah, her name really is Kim, kind of what inspired me to call her Kardashian. She sad three seats away from me, towards the middle, occasionally glancing at me. I ignored her as the room filled up with eager reporters. At 8 o'clock a man announced that the boys were ready, and soon 5 tall boys walked unto the stage, seating them selfs at the table. 
"Hello everybody, my name is Louis, and I believe we're all ready for some tour-talk," the boy in the seat furthest to the left stated. 
- Louis, tall, skinny, striped shirt, nice hair, small eyes and nice smile - I wrote in my notes. 
"What about we introduce ourselves?" Louis said. 
"Hi, I'm Niall," the next guys said, 
- Niall, blond, nice smile, blue awake eyes, tank top - I continued writing.
"I'm Liam." Liam, brown hair, brown eyes, t-thirt, muscular. 
"Harry," said the boy in front of me. Harry, brown big hair, blazer, hat, green eyes, dimples.
"And I'm Zayn," the last boy said. Zayn, dark hair, nice eyes, serious look, nice jacket. 
"Okay, here we go. Yep, blond in the front," Louis said. First question goes to Kardashian of course. 
"Hello boys, I'm an intern at Look and my names is Kim Thomas," Kim said. 
"We don't care," I whispered to my self. The guys next to me looked at me and smiled a small smile, before looking at the boys again. At least I wasn't the only one who though so. 
"Hi Kim," Harry said smiling flirtatious. Of course. Always. 
"Hi Harry," she said smiling back at him the same way. "I was wondering how you guys liked America?" 
How original. 
"America was great. The fans were awesome, and the food was great. I think especially Niall liked the food," said Louis and laughed at Niall, who smiled big. 
"Yeah, the food was amazing. There were lots of it," Niall grinned. 
"Next question, please," said Liam after a short moment of silence. I quickly threw my hand in the air almost making all my stuff fly out of my lap.
"You, lovely lady in the front," Liam said pointing at me. And then I dropped my stuff. Like legit dropped them all over the floor. 
"I'm sorry," I laughed as I fell down to the floor to pick up my stuff. 
"That's okay, we'll just take another question in the meantime," Liam said. They continued with Tom and then another lady from one of the cheaper gossip magazines, and then I gathered enough guts to ask for another question. 
"Sure. Are you sure you're ready?" Harry said pointing at me. 
"Yeah, I'm sorry about before. Um, how much-I mean, how often did you guys get to see you family while on the road?" I stuttered trying to seem a confident as possible. Which was really hard. I was shaking my pen back and forth having a hard time concentrating. I couldn't really remember listening to the answers, but somehow I wrote it down. 
"Okay, that'll be it for now, we'll return after a short break," Zayn said, not forgetting to thank the last reporter. 

I placed all my stuff carefully on my seat running to the bathroom, if not for having to pee, then just to get a break from all the chatter, and splash some water in my face. I ran down the hall but the line to the lady's room was all the way out in the hall way, so I turned around running down another hall way, turning right and then ending up finding a bathroom for "staff only". Growing up with my not-shy mom I'd several times crossed banners and "restricted area" signs, so a small sign like that didn't bother me. 
"Shoot, shoot, shoot!" I said running in to a stall. It turned out I had to pee anyway. Coming out of the stall showed that I really needed that splash of cold water in my face, so I bent down to ... You know, splash some water in my face. I couldn't believe how nervous I was about this. Another stall opened and I looked at the person coming out of it, through the water dripping from my eyebrows. I quickly glanced at the person, but looked again because that was NOT a girl. Or a woman. Or a lady. 
"WHY ARE YOU IN THE LADY'S BATHROOM?" I yelled grabbing some paper to dry my face. 
"Me? I'm not in the lady's bathroom. You're in the men's bathroom," the deep manly voice said and I could see a smile spread on his face. 
"Really? Of course it is. Why would it not be? This is SO not my day!" I said angrily as I turned around to get some more paper. 
"Are you okay?" He said beginning to wash his hands. His voice wasn't that deep and manly. It just surpriced me at first.
"Why would I not be okay?" I said. "Oh... Because I'm in the men's bathroom... Yeah, right, no I'm fine. I guess I just really had to pee," I stuttered trying not to sound too crazy. 

"Guess it's just not your day," the boy said, and I shook my haid with a small smile. 

"That's exactly what I've been saying all day," I said leaning against the counter. "First, I tried to look good for this damn interview, but then it started raining, and then I drop all my stuff in front of the boy-band, and then I go to the men's bathroom... Oh! And I spilled my coffee all over the coffee shop this morning. This day sucks," I said not looking at the guy. My life was pathetic. Even when I tried to make it better, I always failed. 

"Maybe I can help you, what if I say you can get a personal interview with us after the press conference. You think that will brighten your day? And then you might get a bonus at the office?" the boy said walking towards me, stopping right next to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. 

"You?" I said confused looking at the boy. Blond, nice smile, blue awake eyes, I thought to my self. "Your Niall Horan!" I said feeling my jar drop to the floor. 

"Yeah, I thought you knew. Oh well, see ya after the interview? Just go aroung the stage and I'll be waiting for you," he said with a kind smile before leaving the bathroom. 

"I can't believe I just met Niall Horan," I said, freaking out about talking to a famous boy from the famous boyband. 

"What?" a voice said behind me. It was Tom, coming out of the stall in the middle of buttoning his pants. 

"Nothing Tom," I said looking in the mirror trying to avoid the sight of Tom coming out of the toilet chewing gum. 

"Did you know that you're in the men's bathroom?" he said not really looking disturbed at all. 

"Yes, Tom, I am well aware of were I am in this moment. And that's why I'm about to leave, see ya out there Tom," I said waving over my shoulder as I casually walked out the room. This day was turning around for me. Somebody was finally on my side. 

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