pokemon journey

my story is about a young boy named Luke who just turned ten and is about to pick his Pokémon of his journey in kanto region and meets plenty of people. his two best friends names are mark and Zoe.


5. the moment you want somthing, you cant get it


     ''k guys, stick together and dont get lost, we have to find a pidgey, wait werers Charmander, Charmander, Charmander, CHARMANDER WHERE ARE YOU!'' shouted Luke looking for Charmander.

        As they were looking for they found a pidgey and the pidgey instintly attacked them with a gust attack then Squirtle and Bulbasaure combinded two brand new moves to help out Luke. The two new moves were called razor leaf and bubble beam. Razor leaf was Bulbasaures new attack and bubble beam was Squritles new attack. Then the pidgey fell to the ground and Luke through a pokeball at it.

 "Come on pidgey you will be mine, just stay inside that pokeball!" said Luke

   The pokeball kept on wiggling and wiggling then just stopted wiggling. The pidgey was caught!

 "Yes i caught pidgey we'll be very good friends." said Luke very happyly

  As pidgey was called out of its pokeball it was told to look around to find charmander. It took them hours just to cover not even a quarter of the forest.

 "CHAMDERRRRRRRRRRRR!" shouted charmander

 "Squirtle, Bulbasaure, Pidgey, come on i think i found charmander, hurry!" cried Luke 

        As the three pokemon and Luke ran towards the charmander they heard crying the saw a massive thunder bolt then heard the charmander cry again. They finally found charmander but it was being attacked by an electric type pokemon.

"pichu the small electric mouse pokemon, this pokemon is the first evelution raichu. Its chubby red cheaks gives of lots of power." said the pokedex

"ok Pichu your mine! everyone attack!" shouted Luke

 Bulbasaure used razor leaf, Sqirtle used bulbblebeam and pidgey used gust, and charmander was staring at the pidgey because it did not know that Luke caught a pidgey, so Luke explained pidgey to charmander. The Luke told charmander to help the others and charmander used his new move to make the pichu faint, the move was called flamethrougher.

 "okay here we go! GO POKEBALL!" shouted Luke

 wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. For some reason the pokeball wont stop wiggling, after five minutes the pokeball finally stopped.

 "YES PICHU YOUR MINE!" shouted Luke

 Now that Luke has finally found charmander and has caught the pokemon that was attacking charmander, he must find his through the forest and make pichu and charmander friends.


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