pokemon journey

my story is about a young boy named Luke who just turned ten and is about to pick his Pokémon of his journey in kanto region and meets plenty of people. his two best friends names are mark and Zoe.


1. the journey begins

 ''Finally I am ten years old now I can pick my Pokémon for kanto region'' said Luke excitedly

    Behind him was professor oak the Pokémon professor.

'' Okay Luke you can pick one Pokémon out of bulasaure, squirtle, or charmander'' said oak

''ill pick bulbasaure . Lets go bulbasaure , well be best friends for life bulbasaure!''

''Okay then Luke you take good care of it. Oh, I almost forgot here are your pokedex and your pokeballs, you get 5 pokeballs right now, Hopefully you will encounter many different Pokémon and be a Pokémon master!'' said oak

Now the journey for Luke has begun what Pokémon will he encounter and what will he do with his life.

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