pokemon journey

my story is about a young boy named Luke who just turned ten and is about to pick his Pokémon of his journey in kanto region and meets plenty of people. his two best friends names are mark and Zoe.


3. Lukes first batlle

 While Luke was walking out of palet town he met a boy named Ash ketchum. Ash ketchum's Pokémon was not a starter Pokémon like Bulbasaure and did not like Ash one single bit, its name was Pikachu

 ''Yes here is a chance to use my pokedex!'' said Luke

 '' Pikachu the electric mouse Pokémon this Pokémon electrocutes people when it upset or dislikes people.'' said the pokedex

 ''Hey dude my name is Ash i saw you at the Pokémon lab this morning, when you left the lab i was about to get my Pokémon and all of them where gone and oak gave me this Pokémon Pikachu, it doesn't like me to much right now, but it will sooner or later. Any ways lets have a battle i wont use Pikachu though i will use caterpie, and what Pokémon will you be using?'' said and asked Ash

 ''Bulbasaure!'' said Luke

    As the battle started Bulbasaure and caterpie where both called out of there pokeballs, caterpie got scared and tried to run away from Bulbasaure but it was no use Luke told Bulbasaure to use vine whip and grab caterpie, so it did and it through caterpie and caterpie hit a tree then Bulbasaure was told to use tackle and that tackle attack made caterpie faint.

'' CATERPIE NO, WE LOST, take a good rest caterpie, thanks.'' said Ash happy

 ''Thanks for the battle Ash i really appreciated it your caterpie and my Bulbasaure are much stronger now bye Ash!'' said Luke

Now that Luke has won his first battle its time to catch some Pokémon!          

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