pokemon journey

my story is about a young boy named Luke who just turned ten and is about to pick his Pokémon of his journey in kanto region and meets plenty of people. his two best friends names are mark and Zoe.



''Are you sure your ready for this challenge" asked Mark

"YES, I'm definitely ready for this, I have Charmealeon, Warturtle, Pidgeyotto, Pichu, and most of all I have my best friend of all Ivesaure! I got this in the bag!" said Luke

"Ok." said Zoe

As the three of them where walking towards the gym they saw the gym leader Brock, but he didn't look to good. He looked like he was very ill.

"Oh my god what happened to you!" yelled

"Got attacked by a weird Charizard. It was black with blue flames because it had a rainbow stone necklace around its neck." said Brock

"Did the Charizard have a trainer?" asked Mark

"Yes but the trainer wasn't with it, its like the charizard ran away." replied Brock

"I am pretty sure that Charizard is my Dads and the stone as well."  said Mark

"Then lets call your Dad!" said Zoe

So mark calls his dad and now there meeting Marks dad and getting back Charizard!


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