Why Me?

NOTE: In the fanfic the boys are not famous (including their drummer, Josh) but they do know each other This may get dirty, read at your own risk. The description is third person but the story is in first person. Enjoy! :)

Bay is a normal 19 year old girl. She worries about school, boys, and her body. Suddenly, out of out nowhere she meets this mysterious drummer named Josh. She is fooled by his good looks and " sweet" personality. He says he wants their relationship needs to be secretive. Turns out Josh runs this kind of Sex Slave House where these 5 very attractive boys named Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall pay Josh to have sex with the women he lures into his trap. Bay is trapped in this slave house and keeps asking herself why me? But all that changes when she meets one of the five boys who wants help her escape not have sex with her even if she is attractive.


2. " That Was Wonderful"

       Bay's P.O.V


  I got to the carnival and set up everything. After 30 minutes a ton of people started to show up and it was bigger than I expected, I was starting to get nervous but quickly got over because this was a great opportunity for me.  I guess the crowd really wanted to wanted to listen to some music because they started clapping and chanting my name to start the show about 10 minutes early. I was ready so I went out and began the show.

  My gig was and hour long show and since I started about 10 minutes early my show should almost be over since I have been singing for 45 minutes. I told the crowd I can play both acoustic and electric guitar just in case anyone was interested in joining a band with me. I thanked the crowd and started to pack up all of my stuff, but before I could even start, the crowd started cheering and chanting  "encore, encore"! I decided to do 4 songs and let the crowd decide what songs I should sing hopefully I knew all the songs. Luckily I knew all the songs which were Wagon Wheel- Darius Rucker, Radioactive- Imagine Dragons, Chole- Emblem 3, and I Would- All The Way ( One Direction Parody). I thanked the crowd once again and finally started packing up,


I started humming The Way- Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller while packing up all my equipment but all of a sudden, just as I was about to leave backstage I heard a husky handsome voice say, "That Was Wonderful" and felt a large, firm hand being placed on my shoulder and I turned around to see a tall very handsome guy standing in front of me...




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