Why Me?

NOTE: In the fanfic the boys are not famous (including their drummer, Josh) but they do know each other This may get dirty, read at your own risk. The description is third person but the story is in first person. Enjoy! :)

Bay is a normal 19 year old girl. She worries about school, boys, and her body. Suddenly, out of out nowhere she meets this mysterious drummer named Josh. She is fooled by his good looks and " sweet" personality. He says he wants their relationship needs to be secretive. Turns out Josh runs this kind of Sex Slave House where these 5 very attractive boys named Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall pay Josh to have sex with the women he lures into his trap. Bay is trapped in this slave house and keeps asking herself why me? But all that changes when she meets one of the five boys who wants help her escape not have sex with her even if she is attractive.


3. It Started With, " The Name's Josh"

         Bay's P.O.V


  Once I laid eyes on this hunk I totally lost my train of thought, I think my mouth dropped. This guy was HOT he had this beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, and an amazing smile. I shook my head and i felt my face go red. I honestly don't believe in love at first sight but I;m starting to have second thoughts because of this guy. " Uh, T-h-hanks" I can't believe I was so nervous that I was stammering. "Guuuurrr" my stomach out of nowhere started grumbling. I blushed. "Haha" the guy laughed. " Are you hungry" he asked. " Yeah, I sort of  skipped breakfast". I said. "Well come on, let's grab a bite at the snack shack". he said. 

  "We'll have 2 corndogs, a side of bacon cheese fries, 1 large coke, and 1 large Dr. Pepper" he told the waitress. "I'll have that out right away" she smiled and walked away. " The name's Josh, Josh Devine." he said "Bay, nice to meet you." I said as I smiled. " That's a really pretty name" he said. I blushed, again. What's up with me the blushing today? We ate out food while carrying on a conversation. The waitress came with the check and we both reached for it at the same and it was like electricity flowed through both of us. " I got it a man always pays for the lady" he said.

  " Well it was nice to meet you Josh" I smiled "Back at ya Bay" he said in that husky voice. " we should talk about forming a band since I'm a drummer and you're a guitarist" he said. "Yeah definitely" I said. "Can I give you my number"? he asked. "Yeah of course, Come sit down". I said.We sat down on a nearby bench. We swapped phones and entered our numbers. We both looked up at the same time and that moment was perfect we looked into each others eyes, the moon and stars were shining brightly and we both leaned in and our lips touched and electricity flew through me. Was I really falling four this guy I met less than 10 hours ago?

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