Just another love story

A girl named Brynn has high hopes for her current crush, Chase, but what happens when Brynn gets VIP tickets to go and see her idols, One Direction, and one particular member catches her eye? Read to find out! And this is also my first fan fic guys so no hate? :) <3 ~Em


6. The Concert! (Sneak Peak?)

*Brynn's P.O.V.*

"Are you Brynn Canters and Ali Henderson?" a familiar voice asked from behind the body guards. As he came past the bodyguards, it was obvious that it was the one and only, Louis Tomlinson. "Yes.." I was trying so hard not to fangirl, my face probably made me look like I was going to blow up. Ali jabbed me on my side, and I lost focus. Then, Louis walked right towards us, and held out our tickets. "Where in the word did you find them?!?!?" We jinxed.

A/N I am so sorry guys! I've been busy lately and haven't had time to do much story writing.. Please forgive? I can maybe update tomorrow? Gahhhhhhhh. But also, I'm looking for a co-writer? You can be a Liam girl, Zayn girl, or Louis girl. Annnddd you can also add onto the story whatever you'd like, as long as it's reasonable? :) Please comment if you're interested! ~Em <3

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