Just another love story

A girl named Brynn has high hopes for her current crush, Chase, but what happens when Brynn gets VIP tickets to go and see her idols, One Direction, and one particular member catches her eye? Read to find out! And this is also my first fan fic guys so no hate? :) <3 ~Em


4. Shopping in pj's

*Skip the drive*

*Brynn's P.O.V.*

"We're here!" I could tell Ali was excited. We never get to spend too much time together between homework and it's always nice to go shopping. As we got to the first store, I immediately found the perfect top, which was a tank top with a cute panda bear. After Ali found her top (Which was of course a green "Future Mrs. Horan" shirt with a four leaf clover) we looked around a bit more, but didn't find anything else that we liked, so we went to Claire's next and got matching One Direction wristbands. Then, we went to Forever21 and I got a pair of dark-wash jeans and a pair of black ballet flats.

*Skip the rest of the shopping (I know I'm horrible, but I'm not really the shopping type ]:*

As we prepared to leave, we decided to go to the Orange Julius to get smoothies. After Ali paid for her smoothie, we went to my house to get ready. I put on the clothing I bought, One Direction earrings, and curled my long blond hair. I decided to only use a little bit of mascara because of my blue eyes. As I met Ali by the front door, she was fumbling through her purse. "Ali, what's wrong?" I asked. "THE TICKETS BRYNN! THE TICKETS ARE GONE!"

A/N So.. This is what I've got so far, and sorry for the really short chapters. I have limited time to write, BUT, I've had an epiphany about my story so... Hopefully updating later :) ~Em


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