Harry is a bad boy. But will that change when he meets the girl of his dreams? Read to find out.


2. Risk

Sams POV 


I took out a tight white longsleeved dress with pink roses all over it and put it on. I put on my white flats and walked out. Harry handed me a shoe box. I opened it and there were white heels. "They look like a weapon Harry!" I chuckled. He smiled. "Put'm on!" He smirked. I rolled my eyes and took off my flats. I put myself in the heels and they were my size. Harry looked at me from head to toe and nodded. He grabbed my hand and led my to his car. He opened the door for me and I got in. He closed the door and got in his side. He started his car and took me to a bar. "I'm 15!" I looked at him. "Too bad." He got out of the car and I followed him through the back door. I ended up drunk. Harry carried me out and into his car. "I can't you gave me so much alcohol!" I screamed at him. "You think I'm not drunk?" He laughed and started the car. "Wait your driving drunk?!?!" I laughed at him. He nodded and we drove home. I got out and Harry caught me from behind. His breath smelled of vodka. Shivers ran down my back. "You not gonna be a good girl for long once I'm done with you." He whispered in my ear. "I have an urge to kiss you right now but I'm not going to!" I looked back at him. "Then I'll kiss you." He said and kissed me softly. I hesitated for a second and slowly eased into the kiss. I turned around and put my arms around his neck. His hands were on my waist when he picked me up and carried me inside. He set me down. "You a virgin?" He said through the kiss. "Yes." I replied. He smiled and kissed me more passionately. He tightened his grip on me. It hurt. He picked me up and carried me into his room gently setting me on his bed. He was on top of me and I felt him playing with the zipper on my dress. He pulled it down and slid it off of me. I undid his jeans and tore them off of him. Then I ripped his shirt off and we got under the covers. He kissed down me neck giving me a hickey. He undid the hook on my bra and I slid it off. This went on until we were naked and cuddling. I fell asleep in his arms.

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