Harry is a bad boy. But will that change when he meets the girl of his dreams? Read to find out.


1. Meeting

Harry's POV 


I was in the studio with the boys when a girl came in. "Hello." She said. I looked at her from head to toe. She rolled her eyes at me. Then smiled when she looked away. "Oh I'm Sam. Simons daughter. He's doing xfactor stuff so ill be filling in. Lets get to work!" She winked at me then sat at the booth. She looked at us. "Now!" She snapped. We all went in. I slid my finger across her back on my way in. She glared at me. Then she looked away. We all went in and she started the song. I couldn't sing when it was my turn to. She was stuck in my head. She stopped the song. "Harry? What happened?" She looked at me. "You." I smirked. She rolled her eyes and didn't smile. "Let's try this again." She started the song again. I messed up again. And again. And again. We never got through the song. I felt bad. We were all getting ready to leave. Sams phone wrang. "Hey dad…But…You…Sorry doesn't cut it Simon!" She hung up. She moaned and fell onto the couch. I sat by her. "What's wrong?" I looked at her. "Simon isn't going to be home tonight like he promised. And the person I was staying with us now out of town. Someone stole my wallet so I have nowhere to go." She groaned. I put my arm around her. "Yes you do!" I looked at her. She looked up at me. "What?" "You can stay with me." I winked. She rolled her eyes. "First of all, I'd love for you to do that for me. Second, the only thing you can turn on in this room, is the mic." She glared at me. I laughed. "Then lets go." I grabbed her hand and pulled her out to my car. I helped her in then got in my side. I opened the top and we drove to my house. I opened the door for her and she got out the other way. "Ok?" I closed the door and caught her from behind.


Sams POV


Harry caught me from behind. I felt his hot breath on my neck. "Your a good girl. Ever taken a risk?" He whispered. His breath gave me shivers. I slowly shook my head. "Thought so. You are tonight." He let go and walked inside. I swooned on the inside but showed a little fear on the outside. He chuckled and opened the door for me. I walked in and he slammed the door from behind making me jump. 

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